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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #1990135
The other side of light (Form: Free Verse)
Transient Translucence

Round 2 Prompt 1

Transient translucence;
the obsidian abyss ruptures
from a single point of light.
An ardent prayer,
perhaps a child's sweet dream;
a moment of innocent illumination.

The darkness unfurls,
a Cimmerian Mobius strip  
from which emerges a nightmare
like some heinous moth from a cadaverous cocoon.

Its macabre visage turns,
blind eyes seeking this way and that
in the surreal silence.
It knows nothing
         but hunger.

Slavering jaws open
releasing an obscene stench
that fouls the vacuum.
A putrefying tongue licks rotting lips,
tasting the purity
that has called it into existence.

Claw like fingers,
adorned with tattered remnants of flesh,
a covering unremembered,
delicately embrace
infecting it with darkness.

In the light,
a small rasping sound
as hope is desiccated
and crumbles 'neath soft whimpers.

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A entry for Round 2 of "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest
Form: Free verse
Prompt: 1 – image
Line Count: 30

translucence ~ permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible.
Cimmerian ~ perpetually dark or gloomy
desiccated ~ to become thoroughly dried or dried up

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