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5 minute job. it looks disgusting and tastes like vinegar and mud
Really i am the most delightfully pleasant and warm element of anything universally imaginable.
I am sin. If you want to be me, you must fuck off, for you never can be and you never will be.
You do not possess the evil i hold. You are not black enough to be close to the darkness that I am. I am darker than black. There is no comprehension in your realm of an essence darker than the darkest of darks of which i am.
I am hatred. I am full of war and disgusting thick negativity. I can barely move i am so weighed down with this intensely heavy dislike for anything and everything. Eghhh, i am a body of tar. I leave traces of myself as i move along. I look around and colour collapses into itself. Colour is terrified of me. Light is terrified of me. The devil is in awe of my magnificence.
I can be violent, oh so violent. You may discuss creativity in a positive sense. Wait until you see how creative i can be with your insides and a spoon. I could rape your worst nightmare.
But then again i am balanced in mind and sound in nature. I smell of flowers being infatuated with each other...There is only purpose and logic in my conscience and i see only the beauty in all.
Then i threaten the beauty to such an extent that it burrows head first into the ground and suffocates on dirt and worms as a preference to the impeccably fowl fate that awaits it at the end of my gaze. You vile, wretched, perfect light. I can taste the acrid flavour of your pleasantry. It tastes like shit. It tastes like sugar.
An over used verb of darkness 'creeping'. I do not creep. I move forcefully. I envelope the moon and stars and sun and sky. I suffocate oxygen. I inhale death. I have the ability to create life, with the purpose to make it bleed.
Think of me as a God. I am not. But i am. You would not understand. I am from somewhere else. I am my own mother and father. I spawned myself from my own vulgar existence. You would not understand. Do not even attempt to understand.
Happy is all around.
But then it isn't anymore...because i ate that pile of putrid poison and digested it to the deepest depth of darkness.
I ate that shit. i ate all of it. it doesn't exist any more. Its sitting inside me.
Diminishing into a filthy pile of ash, mud and laughter.
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