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by fyn
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For the 1st Construct Cup
Prompt:Prompt for: January 13, 2013
Subject or Theme: Coffee Shop/Soda Fountain
Word(s) to Include: battery(ies), swerve(s)
Forbidden Word(s): coffee, counter, cream, cup, ice cream, soda, sugar, Starbucks, tea
Additional Parameters: Free verse or any specific form (either must be at least 12 lines in length) ~ if using a form please state the form and provide a link if it is a non-traditional form.

My entry:


She wafts down at dawn; the writer in search
of her morning ink, finding naught but an empty well
where Black Silk should dwell. She eyes the sludge in pot bottom--
cold battery acid reminder of yesterday's brew, forgotten
in the storm of frenzied words.

No choice but to head out into the onslaught of rain
and commuters, dodging through umbrella'd flowers,
hopping puddles glazed in rainbows.
Just down to the corner where the scent of roasted beans
teases, where the fire dances within the blackened hearth,
and where the elixir of life is served by many names.
In anticipation, her blood rises. She brings her own mug;
most of the regulars do. The percolated pixie--she of
infectious morning smiles--knows just how to prepare it,
pockets the change as always and turns to the next fix.

Our writer sips her way back into her story,
the cat swerving between her legs, anticipating
a lap. Her fingers, re-java-nated,
tap to the words dancing in her head.

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