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by bbug
Rated: 13+ · Other · Action/Adventure · #1990295
Two girls on a mission to save their own lives as well as the rest of the world's lives.

I yelped as my stick body was sent flying and slammed against an open locker, shutting it in the process. The loud bang it made my ears ring. I rubbed my shoulder with my opposite hand. Several shocked cried were heard. Soon the people were giving me wide berth where I sat against a locker. A guy was in front of me. Tall, and admittedly handsome, he wore a evil smile. I pulled up the sleeve of my navy-blue shirt which was falling down. ''Blaze.'' I smirked. I pushed myself up and wiped my sweaty hands down my jeans.'' I never thought I'd see you again.'' I stopped for a moment and looked around. I realized there were around sixty frozen teens in that hallway at the moment. No one needed to see any of this.'' Everyone go back to your classrooms!''I yelled. A few people gasped and the ones close to doors just looked at them like complete idiots. I let out a growl. They seemed a little bit confused so I just yelled it again,louder and hopefully stronger. I heard a few screams from the people around me, but they seemed to get the message and were scrambling to shove themselves in the closest classroom room they could. I returned to a position ready to fight,almost mimicking my opponents moves as I was drawing my energy to attack. I was almost bouncing back and forth, nearly eager to fight. The hallway was cold, but sweat rolled down the back of my neck. At the same time, I had goosebumps down my arms. A few people seemed to stop and consider to help me but decided otherwise when I shot them some nasty looks. I had no clue what any of them were thinking, however I could feel the fear and nervousness emanating from each student. It was hard to block it out. Even more so that a tiny part of it may be coming from deep inside of me. Somehow tears had started up, I couldn't block out all of it. The screams, the nervous crying. The lower grades cowering in the classrooms.

"I thought you were a powerful empath, at least powerful enough to block out others emotions.Hmm...'' He tapped his chin.'' What I think is that somewhere down in that stubborn mind of yours, you are scared. Scared of losing all you protect to me." He flicked a strand of brown hair away from his face

I forced a laugh and held myself straighter with my chin high and my back straight. His words were only making me want to prove him wrong.I forced as much of this feeling as humanly possible away, still making sure I could muster enough energy for an attack. Then something else clicked in the back of my mind, he just said out loud I was an empath. I nearly freaked out myself, if anyone had heard him then I would be sent to the Fantasy Agency to probably either be killed or stripped of my power and exiled. Neither sounded like a good option to me. I glanced around; the only shocked feeling I gathered was from the people who were freaked out because this situation. I didn't blame them, I was ready to fight but I was still shocked about the timing. The curious parts of me started to wander,I kept thinking about the logical reasoning of this. Suddenly another wave of fear washed through me, making me shudder. I pushed all my curiousness aside and positioned myself, ready to fight.

Before everyone made it to their rooms, Blaze howled,'' If anyone calls the police, I will kill this girl immediately,'' His voice so dark and loud, an angry animals roar. It was so loud that nobody screamed because it scared them speechless. He glared at me as I glared at him, wondering if he would make the first move. He was strong and I could tell he was evenly matched with me in the way of power, but he used force while I used skill. I looked for any sign of weakness. I never found one because, like I said, we were evenly matched at the moment. I now wish I would have went to the second realm longer to train.

Once everyone was in there rooms the familiar intercom system clicked on and the a shrill girl's voice, that I recognized as the petite girl that sits beside me in science, rang out ,'' All students report to their classrooms immediately, and for the sake of the children's safety, no police will be called.'' Yes! They won't call the police. I don't doubt for a second that Blaze would kill everyone just to get to me. I knew he didn't want to kill me for the moment unless he was completely acting on rage and revenge, but his movements and the energy coming from him wasn't as full of rage as he would have been if that was all he was acting on so I guessed he was looking for something else.

" How's Pheonix doing? I hear she is still plotting my death. Is that why you're here? If so, I don't think you want to fight me at a school.''

" I didn't exactly come to fight you. Wait.'' He glanced towards to the end of the hall.

" Willa?!'' A girl shrieked, the one whose voice was on the intercom, confusing me for just a second. The thin girl broke into a sprint, her burnt sienna colored hair bounding down her back. I don't think she really noticed Blaze until she stopped right beside him. Before I could scream for her to duck or run, Blaze had her with one arm tightly around her body and one holding a long silver knife up to her neck. I hated that curious part of me that always wondered random stuff at wrong moments. Like, where did he have that knife? Why didn't he grab anyone else as hostage? Why the fuck was he doing this in a school building of all places.

I instantly dropped to my knees and let the power I was building up vanish. I wrapped a hand around my necklace that was trailing down my neck, hidden by my shirt. It was a bright-blue crescent moon made of blue sapphire. I looked at the girl face, contorted with the fear. The fear than he would hurt her intensified the nervousness and fear already building up. I found myself letting a stream of tears run continually run down my face and gather on my chin.'' What do you want, you low life?'' I said hissing with my teeth grit. The crying wasn't reflecting my main emotion which was anger and it was making Me look weak. If I go back to the 2nd realm then I am going to take courses on controlling empathy powers.'' If you think you are taking a step with her in any direction, then your wrong.'' His hold tightened on the knife, and she had started clawing at his arm and screaming. He did not seem affected by it at all.

"I'll make you a deal. If you come with me then I will let her go. If you do, you have to put this on.'' He let the girl go with one hand,but still held the knife up as he reached into his dark coat pocket. He held up something that looked like a small bracelet with a spike in it.

I knew what it was, it stops you from accessing your power and it only comes off by the person who activates it. The needle goes into your arm. It is controlled by a remote, so if you try to take it off or do something that you are not supposed to, then it kills you.How did he even get it? It is a forbidden weapon.

" N-n-no, I know want with me. How-how did you get that.'' I was talking still through grit teeth. Trying to decide if I should go with him. My eyes kept flicking from his face to the girl's. I can't let him kill her,which I know he will if I don't act quick. I have to get her away from him.'' Why do you so desperately crave my power?'' He didn't even flinch. Then he pulled his arm back. Suddenly he let it swing. The girl screamed at the top of her lungs as she saw the knife coming towards her.'' Stop! Okay, just let her go, and I will go with you. Now just let her go.'' Instead he just tightened his grip, suddenly all my fear switched to anger. I had to hold myself back from letting my power loose. Sure,he was not the same thing as me, but he still breathes air so controlling the element of water and drowning him would be a good idea.

" Not until you put it on.'' He dropped the bracelet placed his hand back on his hostage.Then he kicked the bracelet my way. I picked it up with my fingers and studied it. turning it round and round until I had seen every inch of it. Thick black strap with one brass fastener, and one spike that is filled with poison activated by remote. All I had to do was un fasten it, place it on my wrist,and re-fasten it. I had to do it,to save a life. It was my job, even if it cost my life.

One,I un-fasten it, Zach looks pleased with himself. Two, I slowly press the needle in my wrist. The pain was intense and the girls was screaming something at me,but the sound was too muffled by my heart beat to make sense. I stood and braced myself against the locker.The pain was dizzying. Blood had started to trickle down on down hand, dripping small puddles on the floor. Three, I secured the fastener and Blaze released the girl. The relief of him letting her go was short. Soon he had both of my wrist squished in one hand and he was pulling me down the hall. I stumbled and fell,trying to make sense of the world that was spinning and dipping under me feet. Colored flyers and bright lights made blurs in my vision. The smell of food wafted to my nose, telling me we were close to the cafeteria. It was almost as if I could feel the eyes watching me through the closed door's windows.

Blaze dragged me towards the doors of my school. I was just letting myself go limp as if I could just melt through his grip.I was powerless against him. He pushed open the glass doors of my school and picked me up off the ground where I hung over him, and my hair fell in my face partly obscuring my vision, but I did not care. I was light enough so he could pick me up as if I was a feather. I felt his shoulder press into my stomach the way he was holding me, slung over him. I ignored it and let myself thing nothing for the moment. After some time of walking he sat me down and we stood in front of a car.It was small and black, the paint was chipped and it had dents and scratches. He told me to get in and I climbed in the back seat it smelled old and musty with a nasty sent of cigarette smoke. He then tied my hands but left me were I could sit up properly.

He reached in and put the buckle across me,then he hissed,'' I may hate you,but even I don't want you to die from a car accident. What would be the fun in that?'' I let myself smile, I didn't know why. Hysterics maybe?He looked at me with his cold iced eyes.'' I am going to crush that smile of yours eventually. I know what your thinking.'' I did not frown,but I did not smile anymore after that. He slid in the front seat and I was surprised when the car started up with ease. He turned it towards the road and soon it was driving down the road, pausing when we went over a speed bump. I strained my head to get a glimpse of school, with all my friend running around trying to figure out what to do and why he took me. When I looked in front of us we were turning right. Right into trouble. I heard Blaze curse something under his breath and I craned my neck to see what it was.Police, a row of police, waiting for us. Three police cars lined up,blocking the road. A crowd of people were mixed in with them.Over a dozen officers standing, guns ready to fire. I knew they would either have to give up or get hurt. I wanted to jump out and fight Blaze,but I had no powers. To my surprise, Blaze stopped the car.

A police with mustache and sunglasses held a megaphone up to his lips.'' Exit the car with your hands up,'' His voice boomed,'' and let the girl go or we will be forced to shoot.'' Blaze calmly turned the car off and stepped out. He opened my door and the sun blinded me as he pulled me out. it was a relief to get some fress air. I know he isn't going to let me go, I know he has something planned.

The sun was beating down on my back, making me sweat under my thick brown hair. It seemed the whole street was quiet except the sound of a car door shutting.He held me like he did that girl in the hallway. On hand holding me back,right over a stain of fresh blood, and one right across my neck so that it was choking me. I didn't try to fight, but I wanted to. He took one step away from the car and I stumbled that way.'' No, if anyone shoots,the girl will be dead before you can get to her. If you let me go, I promise not to kill her if no one looks for her or tries to rescue her. No harm will come to her, she will be back in a few weeks.'' He promised not to kill me. I knew he needed me. If his temper rose enough, he would kill me because he wanted to.

"You don't have to do this!'' I heard a girls voice call out. I jerked towards the voice. Blaze held me back tighter, nearly crushing me with the force. His cold hand on my abdomen and another on my neck. I choked and made a gagging sound then resumed trying with all my might to pull away.

"Crystal, Crystal, where are you?'' I screamed. I searched the crowd for the face of the closest person I know,my sister." Crystal, don't come out here!'' Too late, she was already running toward Blaze despite the cries from the cops and the crowd of people. On impulse I jerked my elbow back hitting Blaze enough to surprise him and make him let go of me for a second. I started running toward Crystal,but Blaze caught me by the foot and I slammed into the road.I screamed, but I barely noticed the pain because Crystal had reached me and jerked me up away from Blaze. Some how she sliced the ropes binding my wrists and quickly hugged me,then turned to block me from Blaze.

"Willa, get ready.'' She hissed, assuming a fighting position and I just sunk to my knees.

I looked at my wrist, dried blood and red lines from where the bracelet rubbed my arm.'' I can't,'' I looked towards Blaze who looked just as ready to fight than Crystal did. I could feel Crystal drawing power for a strike. She glanced backwards at me,and then dropped her fighting stance. I felt her release the building energy. I was still holding my my wrist with the bracelet. She let out a angry scream and sent a blast of yellowish light upwards. I watched as it spread out creating a shield around the 3 of us. It was a sight I had seen many a time, but it still amazed me I could see the other people freaking out and now cameras were out. I couldn't hear them,though I knew they were all screaming and the mustache guy was still yelling through the megaphone. I hope they new that, since we're in the shield now, cameras can't document it. All the camera would see would be a blur of yellow.

" You're both coming with me!'' Blaze barked.'' Or else I'll kill her and everyone around this area. Don't think I won't Crystala, you know how -shall we say- brutal I am. I only need one of you right now'' Crystal walked over to me. I could feel a small part of her energy keeping the yellow shining shield. She squat down and wrapped her arms around me. She looked at me, her electric green eyes reflecting my deep watery grey ones.

"Don't do it,'' I whispered, not hugging back.'' Please, he won't kill me yet. You know that.'' She nodded.

" I have to.'' I grabbed her arm as she tried to pull away.'' Willa, he won't kill you yet. I know he will soon, after Pheonix is done with you. I won't let you leave me again.'' She had a certain hardness in her voice that I rarely heard before. She stood and spread her arms out to the sides like a bird and spoke to Blaze,'' I am all yours.'' Before she could even drop her hands, I heard a scream and Blaze had cruelly placed another bracelet on Crystals wrist. Her power field dropped and police with guns rushed forward. I heard shots go off and more screams. I knew that Blaze had probably killed some who got too close with the guns. I looked up and sure enough there was a blood splattered body laying on the asphalt. It was a girl, not to old, maybe 20, laying face down on the road. She had dirty-blonde hair which was spread out with her limbs at odd angles. I didn't look long enough to see what had killed her,but the buzzing energy in the air gave a strong hint he had used his sword.Blaze still had a glowing sword longer than my leg ready to fight. And his long coat was no longer black, but a deep red. It was the first time he had changed into his energy form since he shoved me into the locker. I slammed my hands on the ground and clawed it,letting the tears fall freely from my eyes. I screamed and hurled my fist towards the ground once more. Blood came from scratched spots on my skin. I couldn't stand to see the person laying there. I was supposed to be the protector of these people, now I was useless.

There was no kindness in his heart and if there was, then it would never be enough to show. He was a monster, a true stereotypical energy form. The enemy of us.

I felt a quick motion and Blaze was pulling Crystal and me through the woods. He was going faster than we could without magic so we were dragged. The sun was still high in the sky and it seemed to be getting hotter. Soon we found ourselves outside a cabin. Crystal and I were already dirty and briers had torn our cloths and a few spots on the top of our skin was bleeding.

" Why are we here?'' Crystal demanded,pulling away from Blaze.

" Just get inside.'' He said pushing us towards the door. I opened it and inside was a small house. It was only a few rooms and the main room looked like a bedroom. I saw a kitchen and bathroom branching off from the side of it. I saw a hallway,too, but I had no clue what doors branched off it. The walls were wood and so was most of the odd decorations.'' Like it?'' he smirked,'' I stole it.'' It didn't surprise me. He pulled two wood chairs in front of the bed and told us to sit."Now,'' he said setting himself on a patterned quilt on the bed,'' lets get down to business.'' I had to stop myself from laughing." I know that you both know I won't kill you just yet.But, like I said before, I only need one of you.'' He stood and casually walked towards the open-archway kitchen.'' Want some water?''

We didn't even move so he shrugged and got himself a glass of water. I didn't like how one moment her acted casual then the next he snapped. I would have to be careful. I couldn't take it anymore, my curiosity was getting the best of me and fear was pushing me farther to ask. Suddenly I blurted,'' Where's Pheonix and why do you want us this time?'' I slapped my hands over my mouth and Crystal shot me a angry glare.

Blaze shook his head and chuckled.'' You stupid girl, do you not know exactly what you powers are capable of ?'' Me and Crystal exchanged looks as if asking each other if we knew."You both are idiots. Has no one ever told you the prophecy?''more silence from us.''No? Well,let me tell you. The prophecy states that if you both still have your powers by 16 then you will decide the fate between good and evil. You know very well that I can't let that happen.I plan to-''

" What do you plan to do?'' Crystal shouted.''You said you needed something from us, and now your saying it like you just plan to kill us and be on your way,besides were almost 16 now. We just like a couple of weeks."

" Before I was so rudely interrupted,'' he hissed at Crystal,'' I was going to say that me and Phoenix plan to make you do it for evil.'' He stepped closer to Crystal who was about to explode,powers or not. I could tell that she knew not to blow at the moment. I knew she would anyway. She had to grip onto the seat's edge to stop herself. He wrapped a finger around the tip of her chin and pushed her head upwards so she was looking at him. Her long blonde hair fell away from her face. He smiled, a smile that belonged to a normal boy and not a monster like him.'' You know, you could be sexy if you were evil.'' That was the last straw. Crystal couldn't even act herself before I was up and slamming my fist into Blaze and jerking him away from Crystal. Soon Crystal joined in. It was a short battle, he was faster than us and stronger than us. We punched and kicked, he ducked and counter-attacked. We were outmatched. We might be strong,but were nothing compared to him.I could have beaten him in three seconds with my power. I could even beat him in a minute if we both were powerless.That just wasn't the case.Somehow I just ended being in the same chair, but Crystal sat slumped against a wood wall with a white cloth tightly tied around her wrists behind her. I saw that she looked almost like she was about to go unconscious from the pain. She had a gash on her forehead with a bruise already forming.

" Enough!'' Blaze barked. He went into the hallway and I heard a door open. Soon he was back.'' You're coming with me,'' he grumbled looking at straight at me.

He pulled me up by my hair and I screamed,'' Ow!'' Crystal just sat there. Probably too sunk into the world of unconsciousness to notice I was screaming. He pulled me down the hallway and I found that the cabin was larger than it seemed. I was coming toward the open door still yelping from my now sore head.He let me go and I stood in front of the open door. Nothing was in there except a dusty room with wood floors, slightly lighter wood walls, and a boarded up window. He shoved me in and turned and locked the door. I banged on it and screamed for him to let me out. After a while my throat was horse and felt like it was on fire. My instinctive mind started to figure out ways to escape, none of which were possible under the circumstances. I pried and probed at the boards covering the one window. To my surprise, I did not even see any nails and there was not one place where I could slip a finger through a crack. A few small slits at the top and bottom letting in miniscule slits of lights. I tried to pry at them,but I don't think a piece of paper could fit through hem. I started to slam my closed fist into the bored. She wood was hard and stiff. I counted fifty times before blood started coming from raw spots on my hands. I slouched against a wall. I didn't want to give up,but I was afraid I had no choice. I realized my hands were still clenched. I forced them open and they were sore. I messaged them then spread them out along the lines dusty and cold wood floor. I let the anger build up inside of me threatening to break me apart. I had get out. Soon I gave up, for the moment. My brain was exhausted as much as my body. I started worrying about Crystal, she was out there with Blaze. Eventually complete exhaustion overtook me and I fell asleep in a corner with my head on my knees, curled against the wall, and a hand holding the crescent moon that marks my power.
End of Part One.To Be Continued.
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