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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #1990368
An epic poem for the Lair Contest.

I look for a life boat, a log to hold on.
It is my only chance to survive in this whirlpool.
I find no one, sea gulls ply by; waves crash ashore.
Certain of being drowned in the currents, I give up.

Whoa! I am sitting on a horse amidst the whirling sea.
With awe I look at its scaly hindquarter.
Suddenly it flaps its silver-colored wings.
Riding on the argent wings I soar high above the turbulent sea.

It zips past me; I barely can catch my breath.
I hold tightly to its head, afraid of falling down.
Charioted by it, I finally land into a place;
I have never seen before, a field of lush greenery.

There lie juicy, red apples in silver boughs.

I hesitate a bit, but my burning hunger
Impels me to eat those tempting fruits.
Their taste savors and refreshes my taste-buds.

I look here and there with amazement,
Into the strange place I have trodden.
Where is that charioteer, that unique horse?
Eyes scour for him but in utter futility.

Wearily I sit on the oak bench amidst the dark forest.
A little, pretty girl comes to me and says "Hello.”
I reply back and wave smilingly at her.
I find a kind of solace in this absolutely queer land.

She asks me whether I am thirsty.
I immediately express my wish to drink.
She brings a golden glass after a while.
I drink the water and feel revitalized.

Unable to quell my curiosity I ask her name.
She does not reply and remains standstill.
A flitting butterfly comes out of nowhere
And sits on the lass's smooth, silky fingers.

"Boon is my name, “says the girl.
Bewildered, I glance at both of them.
" You need not worry", consoles the girl.
Confounded still, I sit eyes riveted at them.

I ask 'Boon' how I entered this quaint place,
She replies, " Penchant has driven you here".
With a little quiver, I ask her the reason.
"Your all wishes will be fulfilled".

Profound excitement fills me as I loiter about.
'Penchant’ What a wonderful name I think!
Yells of my Mom " You lazybones" I hear now.
Awakening from my deep sleep, I realize my dream.

Prompt: Hippocampus

Plural: hippocampi or hippocamps. A mythical creature with a horse's head and forequarters, and a scaly fish-like hindquarter. Often depicted with wings. Supposed to live in both fresh and salt water. Used to pull Poseidon or Neptune's chariot. Also known as a seahorse, and real seahorses were given a genus name Hippocampus after the mythical creature, although in Latin the name means 'horse monster'.

44 lines
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1990368-The-strange-place