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A brief summary of my writing and the background behind my words. Knowing I can reach out


Hello my internet Angels,

Thank you for viewing my web page of poetry. I call myself Giggles the Poet, as I like to giggle a lot, and I'm a writer of some amazing poetry that was shared with me by some higher power in my times of need, or introspection.

I am blessed to have been given such a beautiful gift, one that tells stories, has a ending and leaves one thinking about that particular poem/situation. Each poem that I write is different from the last. I rarely get the chance to read my own work, but when I do go back and find something that was spoken to me to write, I am inspired, awed and feel so grateful to know that I saw through that situation and found closure. There are some things that I will never find closure with, but between you, me and God, I can live with that, as I continue to write.

I've spoken about the term, "Silence is Golden," and for once in my life I can say that the silence I've lived in is now going to be broken as I finish the last touches to my manuscript of poetry, to be published and finally shared with the world.

I have shared my work with many who found something from a poem that matched their life, or thinking and if one more person finds strength, hope, faith, belief, but most of all courage to change things from what they read then my work is done. I myself have found the writings in my manuscript to come to my aid in times of chaos, confusion, fear, or just a way of purging my soul, I found some of my writings therapeutic for me, because it gave me a way of writing all the horror out of my life, fear out of my soul and transcending beyond myself to make life the way it should be with love and kindness, care and learning and it reminds me of why I am grateful each day to be alive to share the gifts that were/are shared with me.

My poetry has been published singularly, but now I'm in the process of finishing my manuscript, my children that were lost, through my medical madness and I leave behind my legacy, something to prove I was alive on this planet and this is my perceptions, my thoughts, my dreams, hopes and greatest wish of all, to stop the patterns I see in my poetry.

My poetry hits on many genres dealing with many subjects that affect us all on a daily basis, things we must overcome, battles to fight, keeping oneself grounded in truth and justice in the eyes of the unjust. I keep believing things, patterns can change, but it takes a new pattern to break the old. It seems all my life is filled with patterns that I myself had to break, will break if necessary to keep peace in my life and in the lives of those I know, meet and befriend.....

My life is like a puzzle with many missing pieces that I try to find daily to put the picture back together, but this time, I build it with more courage, strength and faith, that all was not lost in the eyes of God and each day I wake up I realize there is more to the "why," I keep asking…

May you all have a wonderful life journey, break patterns and our next generations will grow so much more in their souls….
Pay it Forward…

Giggles the Poet
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