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The Starjax Chronicles: Episode 1: A Grim Beginning Explanation.
The Starjax Chronicles: Episode 1: A Grim Beginning

Is the First in a Series Of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Stories which focus more on the HeadCanon and Expanded universe, than of the show's main character's itself. In this respect, TSJC will not always match up 100% with Things that are proven or assumed true based on a work of Fiction's Official Source
nor will it appeal to all audiences.

TSJC Focus on a variety of themes, those of which The author assume's the reader will have an average understanding of, however since we Know that not all Readers want to take the time to Hit the books (irony) This will serve as a Primer to anything the books themselves won't cover.

Equss and Equestria Basics

Equss is the Non-Canonical name of the planet Equestria resides on.

Equestria One of several Continents in the MLP:FiM Expanded Universe, and the place where 99.9% of the Canon show takes place.

MLP Physics

There are a few rules that need to be noted, as they do not match Real life physics, or regular Toon Physics.

1. Clouds are not solid unless sculpted or touched by a Pegasus/Alicorn in any other case (excluding magic spells) Clouds act like they would in our world apart from being more like balls of fluff.

2. Characters CAN be Hurt in permanent or temporary ways; This means an explosion could actually kill if it was powerful enough to do so.

3. Ponies Are all apart of One Species, however their Race Differs in 4/ and a half ways

Unicorns: The horned variety of Pony, able to use their horn as an Arcane Conduit not all unicorns are of equal skill or ability

Earth despite the name these ponie's are named for their specific arcane abilities which give increased strength, durability, and agricultural skills. Earth ponies are the most prevalent and rounded of the three.

Pegasi No that wasn't a typo, Pegasi are the winged variety of pony and alike birds, must learn to fly, the ability is akin to the previous two in it's arcane nature, and as such pegasus wings and flight differ in physics from the norm. Pegasi are notable for their weather altering abilities, and agility.

Beta Alicorn The most powerful of ponies, who fully reach the potential and discover the entirety of the Harmonious Arcane,
may become this after being transformed by an Alpha Alicorn. Ex: Cadence and Twilight are Beta

Alpha Alicorn The Two regal sisters, Presumably immortal, other information classified.

4. The Arcania of Equestria, replaces that of Molecular, and Atomic power, aswell as acting  as a sort of Chi or Lifeforce.

5. CutieMarks; The butt tattoo's that younger ponies obtain once they discover what makes them "who they are" are defined by the pony, not the mark. in this sense, untill a Pony realises what it is that makes them, unique, the mark will not appear, however it's them that decides that.

6. You get the point


Time And Relative Dimensions In Equestria/Equss

yep that's right The "12/13th" Doctor of Doctor Who fame appears in TSJC and... well I think it's more fun to let him discover things along with you. ;)

Anyhow Hope you enjoy, Links will be posted here to the various Chapters!
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