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by Poppy
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1990417
A short story of lust, trust and submission.
She groggily whimpered as she felt Sir leave the bed, temporarily panicked by his comforting presence, leaving. As she came more to, she realised that he was just going for a piss, and she stretched out her tired body, all worn and used from the night before. Sir came back to bed, and she snuggled in, wrapped up all warm and safe within his arms and chest. She sighed and softly growled, feeling content and slowly awakening, the previous nights episode coming back to her.

She had had to use her safeword for the first time in a long time. Sir, usually very delicate with his balance of nurturing and Dominance, had decided to push his submissive's limits to see how much she would take. There was no use of toys or pain, just relentlesly and agressivly being fucked for hours and hours, until she was so worn, and felt so used, that every touch of her nippples, and every thrust of his cock, had felt alarmingly over-sensitive.

She had  continued to let her Master use her body long after her's was closing down, as she wanted to do her duty and fulfill his needs. Sir could see the state she was in, and whispered, ''This is going to take as long as it need for Master.'' And feeling such a mix of wanting to beg him to stop so she could sleep, mixed with feeling aroused by his Dominant assault and wanting to give him her all to please him.  Still though, an hour later he was going, and she was lying there like a ragdoll barely functioning.

Finally, when she really had no more left to give, and felt like crying, she used her safeword. He instantly pulled out and wrapped her up in his arms in the spoons position. ''You did well little one'', he whipered, which in hearing those few words, she felt such relief, she burst into tears. As very worn and emotional, she hated that niggling feeling that felt like she had let her Sir down. ''I was pushing you little-one to see how much you could take. Now shhh and sleep, Master's here.'' And she dropped instantly into unconsciousness.

And now, the following morning, her body wraped around Sir like a snake, her mind and body remembering all this, she became instantly horny, and began grinding her already wet pussy agaisnt Sir's leg, hoping that she would be allowed the release she was too tired to even experiance last night. After letting her grind his leg and softly whimpering for five minutes, Sir said ''Go and make me tea and two toast.'' She relunctantly stopped, but instantly got up to do as she was told. Pushing her luck a little, she asked ''May I have a play Sir?'' ''No'', Sir replied ''Tea and toast.'' So she obediantly got on with breakfast, with a throbbing clit, and pounding heart, wondering when she would be allowed he privalige of that release.......

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