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A story for Through the vortex contest.
In the fascinating city of Athens lived a family of three. Antonio, a violin maker, was busy strumming the strings before finally finishing it. The jet black sky peering out of the window near him reminded that the world should go to sleep now. His three year old son, Alexander was long asleep.
"Won't you have your dinner? Everyday you do like this. I can't tolerate this anymore.Why should I starve for you everyday?"Bellows from the next room reached the ears of Antonio, preoccupied in making a new violin. Natalie, his wife, kept on yelling.
" Okay, calm down a bit sweetheart! I am about to join you," Antonio replied mildly.
It was Easter Friday and a festive mood was set for a sumptuous dinner. The couple relished their tastebuds with a delicious dinner of barbeque lamb, salad with mayonese sauce and glasses of chilled whisky.
"Shut the door tight, love. I'll be back in a while." Antonio went out in the pitch black darkness to his violin shop to lock it up.
The shop was a mere three yards from his home but his muscles ached tremendously that day. A sort of queasiness was beginning to overwhelm him. He plodded along to finally reach his destination.
As usual while locking the door he began jingling the key. The door moved with an odd, creaking sound. Antonio wondered at the queer sound. The door shut automatically with a bang, startling Antonio. Antonio stared blankly, agape with awe.
He gazed inside and kept the new violin on the rack along with the others. As soon as he disposed of the violin, a bizzare tune started out of nowhere. Initially Antonio thought it was his sheer caprice but no , the sound reverberated through the whole shop.
" What's the matter?", Antonio muttered, completely confounded.
One of the shelved violins flew out of the rack and began to dance. The music now changed into a soothing waltz with the violin whirling gracefully in front of him.
"What the heck is happening?", Antonio questioned, aghast at the surprising and irrational occurence of events.
Then all the violins, one by one, moved out of the rack and began to form a tapping dance on the floor. The music was not going to halt. Antonio began to feel sick. An uneasiness and creepiness swept through his body. His head began to swoon. A smoky mist began to form and it gradually became bigger, to eventually take the shape of an ugly, fierce looking man.
The magical man thundered," What are you doing here, Antonio?"
" Nothing, just.......," he stammered with a trembling voice.
" Do you know who I am ?"
" No,"he replied feebly.
" I am The Lord, the man whom even Satan fears," and he guffawed.The walls seemed to crack with the loud laughter. Antonio was beginning to loose his sense.
" Do you think that you are smarter than me?", the man snorted.
" Why should I ?", he murmured.
Again Lord chortled and his time with a ringing force that began to shake the chandelier.
" I have come to punish you for your misdeed. Damn, you sinner!" Lord blasted with unbridled rage.
" What sin? Me?.....,." Antonio stuttered meekly, tears in his eyes.
" You have cheated thousands of poor with higher prices of violins and supplied duplicate ones of inferior quality at exorbitant rates."
" You must recompense or I will tear you to shreds."
" I will, my Lord," Antonio snivelled and grovelled.
It was Easter Sunday and the city was in a celebratory mood . People lined the streets and the regular humdrum was present. Antonio opened his shop early in the morning, swinging his key and humming. Passers-by walking past his shop caught a glimpse of a new, colorful banner. In it in bold letters was imprinted, " Violins sold for half the price. Buy one, get one free."

599 words
Prompt:An unscrupulous violin maker discovers something strange when returning to his violin shop to lock up at night.
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