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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Animal · #1990552
A rhyming poem depicting the emergence of the insect kingdom.
They Come With The Heat

The bugs are all marching, since spring has now sprung,
Their webs at the corners of doors will be hung.
Long beetles with shells sporting colorful hues,
And Striders on water, that gracefully cruise.

Mosquitos that suck on our skin, leaving bumps,
For certain we're destined for itchy red lumps!
The moths and the butterflies frolic our way,
To treat us with beautiful dances all day.

The ants will blaze trails, run away with our food,
They're hard to control cause they like to be rude.
Gnats will start breeding, start flying with passion,
Impregnate our fruit when its flavor's in fashion.

When hot days arise, bugs with lamps will appear,
Sing "This Little Light" which will fill us with cheer.
The Grasshoppers pop to get out of our path,
While Inchworms are measuring ... doing their math.

Near water, the Dragonflies purr in one place,
In multiple colors they'll zip through your space.
The Mantis will fold up their hands as they pray,
For God to send blessings to Earth every day.

Soon bees and Cicadas will buzz in the trees.
Our dogs and our cats will be covered with fleas.
The flies will annoy us and land in our hair,
We'll SPLAT with a swatter, if they make us swear.

The bugs are all marching, so put up your screens,
Let's keep them outside, those workers and Queens.
But don't harm a Ladybug ever ... they're sweet.
Get ready for bugs, cause they come with the heat.

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