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A Book review about a murder mystery within the UK army
Steps To Heaven by Wendy Cartmell (a Sgt. Major Crane story)

The story opens with a gruesome murder in a housing facility on a UK Army base.  Sgt. Major Crane from the CIB is called in to investigate the scene.  He soon finds evidence to convince him it is more than suicide.

This is an eBook. It has excellent descriptions of the daily life of the main characters.  The people are shown as humans under stress and not treated like super heroes.  This is a quality that makes the reader feel a part of the story.

There are many characters all connected with the army bases involved and the nearby town of Aldershot. Some of the main characters are Billy, Kim, Tina, Padre, Anderson, and Zechariah.

A quote spoken by Anderson is "So I thought we should get over there if you promise not to smoke in the car."

Another quote by Crane to the Padre shows the developing relationship between the two characters, "Don't worry about it, sir, just concentrate on getting better."

Anderson is a part of the Aldershot police force.  Crane needs his cooperation to continue his investigation, uncover the mystery and catch a killer.  The story ends with a crescendo of suspense.

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