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A nonsensical piece about the ins and outs of in and out.
General ideas, general ideas are good. General ideas generate ideas, in general. A general idea may be the genesis of a whole species of specific ideas, if it's generic enough. This is one of those general ideas.

In and out. Two words, three things. There's the in, and there's the out, but what's in between in and out? It's probably humans between ins and outs. Whatever else are we supposed to do with all of our inspirations, influences, and incentives? Certainly we can't just shut all of these things out, out, out. The out to the in, the ins become the outs, and the outs, in turn, turn into ins.

What a mess, these ins and outs with no in betweens to sit in between them. Surely some medium, some intermediate medium, could immediately mediate these ins to their outs. What do you think? Do you think? To what end, what outs, to where do your ins get out? What are you doing with all of your visions, how did you think those thoughts that you think you thought? Where do your inspirations aspire to spin, spiraling around your spinning mind? What are those things you think anyways?

Do you pay attention? Do you pay? What do you pay for your inspiration, those ins that you've internalized so ingeniously? And where did you put them all, I wonder? Is it a box, oh, is it a stock of boxes you thought to lock these ins inside of? Where did you stock these locked boxes chock full with ins inside your mind? Maybe you remember them, you cognitively recognize these memories that you remember, yes, that's where your ins get in. Perhaps you remember these members.

It must make sense now, now that it is sense that we're after. Sense, after all, is only remembered in memory. Even your current sensation is only a passing sensation, in a sense, presented by the mind remembering what it sensed a second ago. So where do they go, after all of this nonsense, these ins that you've got to get out?

Surely they do get out. What else would these brilliant ideas do, except to stand out? As outstanding as they are, you have to do something about the out, as it stands. Those things that your faculties manufacture, whether of factual or fictitious, must be maintained manually if they are to remain permanent. And this is the idea, you see, this is that great generator of something special:

The human mind stands in between the information and the extension of human activity. We are two sided, built to investigate and to create. The arts and the sciences, the artificial and the natural. We study the way that things are, and we build things in the way that we want to. We are exceedingly powerful in our ability to observe and to generate beauty. Just an idea worth remembering.

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