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Saving my tomatoes.
Upon my porch a Tiki torch
ignites in yellow-white.
It’s my brainstorm to keep plants warm
from smarting chill this night.

  (Tomatoes need warming indeed
    and so to fight the frost,
    I gather them before AM
    insuring they‘re not lost.)

I need to plant in sod extant,
(good garden all a-buzz.)
My outdoor niche produces itch
like poison ivy does.

Fresh asphalt smell cannot dispel
the worry I retain.
(The county crew today came through
  to patch our humble lane.)

And though the street is now complete,
(no holes to rattle knee),
my plants would slump from cold’s crude bump
and suffer fatally.

Now dawn arrives--nature survives;
a woodpecker pecks wood.
My plants do right by morning light--
one chilly night withstood.

24 Lines [Rhythm: 8-6-8-6]
Writer’s Cramp
May 10, 2014

--Tiki torch
--poison ivy
--fresh asphalt

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