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A brief description of an afternoon spent in nature
Fall is my favorite season. Saturday was a stunning day, the skies  so blue and the brightly colored leaves called out to me to come nurture my spirit on this glorious day. It was much too pleasant to sit indoors or squander the time away at a shopping mall.

I decided to take my buggy out for a ride. Zipping down Adam Street I could feel the sun warm on my face and the balmy breeze playing softly in my hair. Fallen leaves crunched under my wheels and birds sang in the treetops.

As I turned left onto Main Street other sounds intruded on my senses; cars whizzing by, people laughing and shouting on the terrace of a downtown bar,folks pushing babies in strollers with toddlers running alongside, others walking their dogs, just people going about the busyness of their everyday life. 

Eager to get back to a more tranquil space I hurried across the street and bought a large chocolate milkshake at the canteen, then went up into the park and stopped the buggy close to the fence overlooking the river.

I took a long, slow sip of the milkshake, the coldness of the ice cream soothing my throat. The sweet flavor of the chocolate was amazing, so smooth and rich, teasing my taste buds.         

Leaning back in my buggy I gazed down at the river moving so slowly it 
was almost not moving at all. The sun sparkled on the water, creating dazzling    white ripples like crystals dancing on the river.

Geese were sitting on the little sandy islands, sometimes basking in the sun and  sometimes splashing into the water for a quick swim.  I listened to their noisy squawking and honking wondering what they were communicating to each other.

Enjoying this peaceful spot I took another sip of the milkshake trying to              separate the taste of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. It was thick and smooth, and I savored the aroma of the chocolate mixed with the woodsy scents of the outdoors, the smells that come with falling leaves.                   

It was a relaxing day, so close to the busiest part of town yet, just far enough away from all the noise  that I could enjoy the solitude and surrender to all five of my senses while I lost myself in Nature and maybe if lucky even stimulate a sixth sense.       
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