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I was born and raised in Cambridge Mass.
    Cambridge Mass is a collection of tiny neighborhoods ; some are poor
    and rustic, while only a few blocks away are wealthy neighborhoods of
    progressive liberals. I spent my childhood near porter square.
    My family was middle class Irish Roman Catholic and my sisters practiced
    witchcraft and I attended Black Masses to meet girls. This was a typical
    puberty in Cambridge Mass, during the 70's. I would never harm a cat
    or participate in any human sacrifices. However, I did witness a live chicken
    decapitated for a Satanic ritual. I didn't consider a chicken sacrifice that
    shocking, since I enjoy eating chickens.

    That being said, I must confess that the controversy over Harvard University's
    Satanic Mass is amusing to me. . Harvard University was a political lightning rod
    during the Vietnam war protests .. A Satanic Mass is nothing in comparison to
    the riots and drug orgies of the 70's in Harvard Square.  Let's remember what
    Satan stands for: anarchy, That isn't wiccan.  The witches that were executed under
    the Papal Seal were not Satanic. They were midwives and practiced herbal medicine.
    The Black Mass is a protest against the tyranny of the Pope. Jesus was a magician
    to most witches. He practiced herbal medicine and evoked healing incantations.
    And he was crucified by a tyrant just like the Popes of the Inquisition.

    The Catholic Dioceses are disgraced by rampant pedophile Priest.
    The Devil is alive in their clergy.. My memories of Roman Catholicism were
    stifling hot churches and long dreary Masses.    It felt like a culture of death.+
    Did Jesus want us to be crucified?  Why can't a Priest marry?  What kind of masochist
    would want to be a nun?  Perhaps, the Harvard professors will discuss the misogyny
    in the Catholic Church and the role of woman in the Satanic Church?
    Check out Zenna Lafey on Youtube.

    I recall asking Sister Emeritus in Catholic Indoctrination Class, why she chose to be
    a nun. .. She said she wanted to "marry Christ."  Is that a healthy belief?
    Instead of being a vestal virgin, why not have some human contact?  I did not ask her that.
    I was only a child, but I knew that we shouldn't marry the dead. . Find someone with a pulse.
    I can still see those naked teenage Catholic girls dancing around under the starlit night.
    It was a witches dance and a hell of a Halloween in 1978. . I wonder what the Pope would say?
    It was in Cambridge Cemetery ...nobody objected. Silly rabbits. Trick or treat?


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