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This poem reminds me of a past I have no memories of and the things I still remember...


I was never in a year book

And I wasn't in your class

You never saw me wandering

I have no memories of my past

My fears were never mentioned

I didn't have a mouth

You never saw me in the day

And you never, ever heard me cry out

I walked in such darkness daily

And what light I saw was pale

I ran in the winter to be free

But got caught and thrown in jail

They set me free, but I was watched

The rules I broke I paid a price

The days were long, as was my wish

That one day I would find someplace nice

I built my armor from within

My voice was silent years would pass

In each new home waited another nightmare

My time was short it would not last

But, great adventures follow for a loner

Off once more I go alone

Far from the isle where I was born

Far from the place where I had no home

In another place I built new memories

Wrought not with anger, nor with pain

New friends await a weary traveler

A special friend gave me a name

I built new memories for a future

But time was short, I was misled

I was injured and the doctors that I thought I knew

Were dark inside and full of dread

The cuts and scars that maimed my body

Eight experimental surgeries I couldn't control

I walked daily through a living


Left without a thread of hope to hold

Like Alice in Wonderland I fell down a shaft

I got lost in a world not many will know

Like the prisons I lived in when I was a child

I was lost in a system, I could no longer grow

This silent pain no one could see

And many refused to believe

Lost in medical madness, labeled and broken

By twelve doctors who wouldn't help, but only deceived

Year after year I fought to set things right

To clear my name and the uncertainty

In report after report, I pleaded for justice

And year after year, no one listened to me

It's been twenty-three years and I'm still in the fight

I will not back down until this madness is ended

One day someone will wake up and take notice

And I will finally see justice for this body that cannot be mended

Somewhere in my life time was shifted

I came out into a world I do not know

And like a Phoenix arising from the ashes

Faith is still my greatest gift, as I continue to grow.....

Brenda Keough


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