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This poem describes how I feel when my pain takes over my freedom...all is not lost


Dear God, I feel so lost today

As these tears and pain weigh me down

My soul is crying out for justice

Something that I have not found

My mind tries to console me

To relieve my troubled heart

The pain I deal with in my silence

Has torn my whole world apart

The doctors out there have done a lot of damage

Now this body finally weighs on me

I miss the laughter that was once expressive

My laughter is the only thing I have left to free

It seems that time and distance take a toll

Time does not always mend the broken

All it does is leave a gaping wound in time

For the dark night of the soul has cried out and spoken

These tracks of tears slowly leave their mark

Upon the face God gave me to wear

Distorted years lay in waste behind me now

Why do they turn away, why can't they stop and care

The soul speaks through silence in the darkness

And as a tiny wish finally escapes my mind

I'll find my faith in God despite the darkness that I feel

And pray my soul will find some peace and forget the medical crime...

Brenda Keough


Running out of hope

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