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My own feelings about ads for the military, it is a nasty business.
The patriotic ads draw you in.
A red, white and blue
romance come true.
A flag waves behind a proud recruit.

Your duty is to serve your country.
Mom and Dad will get pats on the back.
College paid for, a skill of your choice.
What could go wrong?

You walk the walk.
Learn to obey, no questions.
A chain of command,
places a killing machine in your hands.

Your family are fellow soldiers.
Never forget that sacred command.
The enemy hates our United States.
You have pledged to defend this land.

Forget that “enemy” soldier has a family.
Their blood runs red. They feel pain.
Maybe they are a different faith.
Yet we are all the human race.

Fast forward to another time and place.
That person, who is as brain washed as you,
might greet you as a friendly face.
You might even share a picture or two.

At the age you decide to kill for your country,
an age most discourage being wed.
Even choosing a profession is not wise,
your brain is not quite the mature size.

But you should pick up a gun.
As Country Joe sang during the Vietnam War,
“Mothers, be the first on your block,
to bring your boy home in a box”.

By Kathie Stehr
Edited Feb 2015
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