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Some ideas for a dial h fanfic.

Ryan Jenkins, unlucky in love and chronically insecure finds an old rotary telephone dial he accidentally dials S.L.U.T instead of H.E.R.O and finds himself physically and mentally transformed. Each time he uses the dial he becomes a female superhuman with powers themed on a different fetish becoming for example a dominatrix or a living furry he acquires any knowledge he might need to play his role but retains his own memories and core personality. Ryan always feels the need to act on his body's desires but still has free will and can resist his body's lust with some effort. Initially he is freaked out and resists using it but keeps finding himself in situations where people need his help, crimes, accidents and disasters situations that require a superhero however bizarre. After a while he just goes with it glad to be able to overcome his shyness at least temporarily and just have fun. If he feels uncomfortable after he can easily rationalize it as being the dials fault.
Transformation last between 10 minutes and 24 hours and seem completely random. Ryan can sense when his time is nearly up but never gets more than a few minutes warning. Only one person can use the dial at a time. He soon comes into conflict with A powerful force that is trying to acquire the dial forcing Ryan to go further than he ever thought possible.
S dial heroes
Whip hand. Leather clad dominatrix, powerful energy lash, mind control "submission stare" increased strength and toughness. Weakness, overwhelming ego/ overconfidence.
Gusher. Hydrokinesis, super lactation/squirting (like a fire hydrant) accompanied by orgasmic pleasure.
Weakness, constant orgasm is very distracting.
Cheerleader. Super agility super strength low level mass mind control (boosting self confidence and arousal in crowds) weakness, irritating bouncy personality subconsciously adopts sexually provocative poses.
Bridezilla. Giant growth super strength. Weakness, violent mood swings encumbered by fancy dress.
Make over. Turns her enemies into ditzy bimbos by kissing them. Weakness, kind off a bimbo too very horny.
Hardbody. Amazonian hottie. Kryptonian power set. Weakness sexually aggressive, looses powers if tied up.
Ultramaid. Super cleaning powers. Weakness hopelessly submissive.
Fantasia. Illusion mind control, she brings our deepest fantasy to life noone can resist their own subconscious desires and will do anything for another taste. Weakness, She often gets drawn into the fantasy.
Hentai. Japanese schoolgirl, can summon and control demonic tentacles. Tendency to loose control tentacles turn on her.
Assquake. Generate seismic shockwaves by shaking her booty.
Bunnyhop. Anthro rabbit super speed super leaping poweful kick attack super hearing. Weakness, lack of upper body strength, superhorny, vunrable to sonic attack.
Killer Kitty. Anthro catgirl. Super strength agility claws fast healing.
Jigsaw. Body part detachment substitution.
Betty boom boom. Toxic flatulence.
Bouncer. Self inflation, flight (floating) invulnerable.
Bitch. Bad girl biker chick gains werewolf traits when angry or aroused. Weakness poor impulse control, silver.
Succubus. Hyper_sexualized demon girl, shape shifting flying, mind control, life drain. Weakness people with strong religious or moral convictions
Fembot. Powerful and versatile lifelike android created to be an obedient sex toy.
Spook. Invisible insubstantial mindreading possession. Trapped in ghost form unless possessing another, only works on females.
Cum Shot, super skilly Hawkeye type enhances his skills with technology including his "Love Gun" an energy pistol with variable power levels ranging from pleasantly distracting to death by orgasmic overload. Sometimes works with a gang of hired thugs known as The Fluffers.
C.O.N.T. Citizens. Opposing. Nudity and Titillation. A pro censorship group becoming increasingly militant leading to attacks on adult book stores, strip clubs and individual sex industry workers. Seeks funding legal or otherwise to develop mind control technology capable of suppressing libido in the general population.
The collector. A wealthy publisher, rhymes with blue pethner, jaded by a life of debauchery he wants two things to extend his life and to have genuinely novel se
Chapter 1
Ryan finds the dial after a night out drinking accidentally activates it becomes hardbody, freaks out a little, freak out interrupted by some muggers. Mugger easily defeated, flees the scene before police arrive. Returns home self exploration figures out how to reverse dial, researches the dial
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