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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Cultural · #1991400
What is sacred?
        "I don't see what's so funny." Congresswoman Whitney sobbed.
    Doctor Shafer looked down his bifocals, "Well, your family has prided
    itself on its ethic purity. How could you allow yourself to be impregnated
    by a Martian?" Whitney narrowed her blue eyes at the doctor.
    "I was using contraception." she answered coldly, "Abort it."
    "There are certain protocols .. The right to life is part of our constitution.
    I'll need the consent of the Martian; Tomas. I'm afraid the pregnancy could
    tarnish your career. What will your Martian constituency think?"

    "Just do it." Whitney looked at her text on her cell phone.
    It was from Tomas ~

                    "Any attempt on the life the unborn will endanger your life."

    She quickly handed the phone to her security guard Sopal.
    Sopal smiled and called the security at the congresswoman's house.
    Tomas was placed under arrest and taken to a Planed Parenthood detainment
    center outside the city.

    "Fascinating. These sonic grams show tentacles coming out the Martian fetus.
    They might be poisonous .. I don't  know if an abortion is safe. I'll need to bone up
    on Martian biology." Doctor Shafer's concerns turned the Congresswoman's
    stomach and she vomited into the sink. Small glowing pieces remained in the sink.
    Dr. Shafer placed the pieces in a plastic cup: "You are going to give me a Nobel Prize."
    "Thanks. Maybe I can go tour as the Martian glow girl." Whitney grunted as her belly
    grew.  "Oh, my God!"

    Tentacles can up from under her hospital apron. The Martian baby was birthing..
    Its tentacles wrapped about her waist as the head of the baby peered up at the
    screaming congresswoman. "Holy missing link!" Dr. Shafer shouted ..
    Whitney struggled to pull the tentacles off, but the Martian baby could not be stopped.
    It clung to her mother and suckled on the congresswoman's pink nipples.
    "Get this monster off me!" Whitney shouted. The tentacles tightened around her neck.
    "I think you are bound to your changeling." Fr. Johnson pronounced. He had been
    asked by the congresswoman to be present for spiritual guidance.

    "Tentacles? Why does my baby have tentacles?
    Stacy's baby didn't have tentacles and she is Martian."
    The congresswoman was developing a twitch as her Martian baby slithered over her
    "Perhaps it is a recessive gene. Did anyone in your family have webbed feet?"
    Doctor Shafer was struggling through medical volumes of Martian's biology.


© Copyright 2014 bob county (muzzy43 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1991400