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Dr. Gloriosky is a singular gentleman traveller of the Aether, and professor of pandemonia
"The Files of Elias F. Gloriosky, Ph.D." is what I'd like to call an initial offering of a Steampunk Adventure. When I started writing it, I was kind of loose in my thinking about it's order, then realized it would best be presented in the format of a mystery adventure. Rather than bore the reader to death with attempts to explain all the technology and science that would be encountered in a Steampunk universe in the form of endless dialogue and third-party discussion, I want to let your imagination take you where it will, or wherever you're willing to let it take you, and leave the "facts" to your interpretation from others who have delved in this field longer than I have.

In my writings in this genre, if you are paying close attention, you will find mentions of things, places, and events which have caught my interest for years. I do not wish to plagiarize any author's work, and any mention of characters, events, or devices created by the minds of the brilliant men and women who inspired my interest in literature and especially science fiction are placed in my work as an homage to their brilliance and creativity. If you look closely, you will also find items of fact that are not readily evident. For those of you who don't mind jumping down a rabbit hole or two, there are indeed interesting things out there that can add to the enjoyment of my tale.

If you'd like to start down a rabbit hole early, just know that you can "bing" a latitude and longitude finder. Don't be afraid to investigate further, as I do. You might find that there is more to life than the typical. So, with that in mind, please remember some things:

1. You can't always believe what you believe.

2. Rules are meant to be followed, until they become dangerous.

3. What we call "modern" technology has no place in the Aether...some of it no longer works there.

4. Always be willing to look at the underside of something.

I hope you will enjoy these adventures, and will let your mind step along the sideways path now and then. You'll thank yourself for it later...or sooner, depending on how tightly your particular device is wound. The order in which I intend them to be read is: 'The Files of Elias F. Gloriosky, Ph.D.'; 'Letter, from the AetherPostiale'; 'A Charming Establishment'; and lastly, 'A Gift From the Grand Vizier'. From that point, the order is established by the date it is posted here on writing.com for all to partake, and all parts of the serial are numbered. Any items that fall between numbered chapters are pieces that step just outside the story, but will provide interesting moments to those who want to know more.

Vincent Coffin
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