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Asami Ryuchi x Takaba Akihito x Fei Long You're My Love prize in Viewfinder Fanfic- Mpreg


“Asami...” I start as I enter the room then stop, frozen in shock at the sight in front of me. I stare as Fei Long moans,writhing as Asami thrusts into him from behind, his hand around Fei Long's cock as his head whips around and he looks at me. He gasps and suddenly pulls out, pushing away from Fei Long and practically falling out of bed. I turn away rushing out of the apartment, barely making it out the door before Asami catches me, his arms around my waist. My hands beat against his chest as tears slip down my cheeks. He pulls me close, trapping my hands between us. I feel Fei Long come up behind us as he puts his hands on my hips, leaning forward to talk in my ear.

“ Akihito...”  He begins. I turn my head to look at him through my tears. I should be angry but all I felt was defeat and sadness. Fei Long's eyes widen and his brow furrows as he makes a split second decision. I freeze when his lips come down on mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth and thoroughly exploring before drawing out, leaving me panting with need and the scent of lust in the air. My whimper is quiet but unmistakable in the silence as im thrown on the bed. I blink. How had I gotten here that fast? I watch them as they stare down at me, smiles on their faces and mischief in their eyes. Asami starts stripping off the hastily done up robe as Fei Long lays himself beside me, pulling me to him. I watch his face as he speaks, lust and tenderness in his eyes.

“ Akihito...” He whispers in my ear and I shiver. My eyes widen when Asami starts pulling at my clothes, practically ripping them in his eagerness to touch me. I had never seen him like this. Yes I had seen the lust in his eyes when he took me but never this frenzied need. I gasp when im flipped onto my stomach and my hips are lifted by strong, slender hands. I cry out when Asami plunges into me in one swift stroke at the same time that Fei Long places his cock in front of me, nudging my lips. Groaning I cant my hips for a better angle and open my mouth, swallowing him to the hilt. They both grunt at the same time before thrusting in synchrony, fucking me hard from both ends. I moan when Asami hits my prostate and I spill on the sheets at the same time they come. I collapse on the bed, one of them on either side of me. I fall asleep. Im awoken several times in the night as they take turns with my mouth and ass. When morning comes I silently pack my bag and disappear.

Four months later

I stare at my hands as the doctor pats me on the back, going into slight shock as the news sinks in. Id received the original news and it really hadn't hit me that hard. I was pregnant? Fine. I was pregnant with twins? Fine. I had been pregnant for nearly four months? I figured that much out on my own. But being pregnant with twins that had different biological fathers, let alone both of them were mafia bosses? Oh, hell no. I sigh, running a hand through my hair and shaking my head, glad that id at least had the ability to still find pieces of their DNA on my clothes and, oddly, in my hair brush. I freeze, looking at the doctor in horror when he tells me he's informed both fathers. My eyes roll as I faint.


I look up at kirishima as I read over the paper again, gripping it in my hand tightly and causing it to tear. As I stare at the unbelievable words I order Kirishima to renew the efforts to find Akihito. Iwas going to be a father. Akihito was pregnant. Im smiling when a small note, towards the bottom, catches my eye. I read it.

Children have been diagnosed with heteropaternal superfecundation .

My eyes narrow and I open my computer, searching heteropaternal superfecundation and my eyes widen when the definition pops up. Two fathers. The children had two different biological fathers. I sigh and stare out the windows as rain falls from heavy, dark clouds.

Fei Long

I glance at the man whimpering on the ground in front of me before drawing my gun and putting a bullet through his head. I turn away from the newly made corpse and order Yoh to get it cleaned up, knowing he would do it quickly I look towards the wall and stare at it, my eyes darting over the dozens of pictures of Akihito, obviously taken without his knowledge. My hand shakes as I pick up an old portable DVD player, pressing play. I watch the screen as Akihito appears through his bathroom window, the window took up nearly the whole wall, and strips off first his shirt then his pants and underwear. I growl under my breath when he climbs into the shower, a small but prominent bump on his abdomen, and starts the water, a pained look on his face. My expression softens when he rests a hand on the bump and looks down at it, smiling. I sigh, running a hand down my face, as I turn it off. At least we had his address now and could go and get him. I pull out my cell-phone and dial Asami, informing him of the progress and video, keeping my face stoic when he growls and demands to see it after we have Akihito back.

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