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by Igor
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #1991554
If you like it I will be glad to write down next chapters. Sorry for bad grammar.


Author - Berezin Igor Alexandrovich

Email - Igoran2008@hotmail.com


Location - House (night)

I appeared in a house in the living room. It was just classic looking family style house. TV in that room was on. On the TV was typical news program.
News reporter

Dangerous serial killer broke out from the prison.

He is known as the "shadow hunter" killer.

He can perfectly see in the darkness

That is why he usually attacks his victims in complete dark places.

He feels advantage and makes his victims scared.

He killed more than hundred people.

He is very dangerous and...

News stopped because all electricity in the house went off. I heard how window was broken by somebody in the room that was located behind me. I ran stairs to the second floor. Closet doors opened when I was walking nearby. No way, I will not hide there. Hide in the closet it is lead to the obvious dead end. I entered room that was located on this floor. I heard steps from downstairs they was coming closer and closer to me. Unknown person was already in a second floor. I found flashlight on the table, when I turned it on unknown person saw it and ran to the door. But with light I saw that on the door was a lock.
Rip (main character)

Heh. Too comfortable.

I locked the door right before man approached it. He tried to break in but door was too heavy. Soon he gave up on his tries to get in. By his steps I heard that he was going away. Soon complete silent was around me, even his steps I couldn't hear anymore. But I knew it wasn't the end of this. Suddenly he jumped in the room throw the window. Killer was wearing old Greece mask and black coat, he was holding bloody kitchen knife.

What a clich

I fast opened the door and ran downstairs he was following me. I pushed down bookshelf right in front of him. And suddenly he... Stuck?! He tried to go forward but bookshelf didn't let him. He couldn't make any steps forward so his feet were walking but still he was standing in the same place.

Damn lags! Turn it off!

Game over man!

Location - Exhibition

Game was turned off. I put goggles from my eyes. Developers were looking on me with confused faces.

Sorry this lag happened for the first time.


Don't lie to me.

You called this released project?

Your game look too typical and it's made for typical mind.

You think all players will act so obviously.

Hiding in the closet, scream and do nothing...

I just pushed bookshelf and your killer AI lagged right away.

You think players will not do anything opposed him?!

Let's see what will happen if I will try throw game items on him.

I put goggles back and restart the game.
Location - house (night)

Same room, again on TV news reporter said same typical script dialogue. I took the lamp from the table. Lights turned off, sound of the broken window, killer was slowly coming from there. Right in time when he opened the door I throw lamp right to his forehead. Lamp bounced back like his head was made from rubber and felled on the floor without getting any damage. Killer felt on the ground too and couldn't stand back to his feet. I took his bloody knife and put it on his throat.

Game over man.

One cut and killer disorganized into the many pixels.

Location - Exhibition

I put goggles off. Developers were really disappointed from the result. It will teach them a lesson.

As I said your character AI is awful.

Besides it you have no items damage physic

in your game.

Where did you saw a lamp that can fell like a stone?

It's a shame to show version like that on the exhibition.


Ripley, what are you doing up here?

We need you in our stand.


My name is Rip, damned!


Never mind. Common, common.

It's my coworker Nick, we work a lot of time together but we not friends, we just connected with our project and rare discuss something else. My name is Ripley Wright, but I hate when somebody called me by my full name. Nobody think like that but I always feel like my name is a girlish name, maybe it's because it is same as name of my favorite sci-fi movie character that is a women. So I prefer when people call me just Rip, its sound short and cool also I always use it as my nickname. This is EXperience 18 - global once in a year exhibition. EXperience is new invention, virtual reality where you can feel sounds, smells, see things like they around you when you just sitting on the chair, and you can even touch everything like in a real world. In first EXperience demonstration version people could walk in the room hear daily sounds, use radio, feel water from the crane, radiator heat. This program for real attached all people senses make them believe that they feel this fake virtual world. After presentation program was improved. Many developers started make short games based on that program. Mostly developers used just room or other closed space, because it was near impossible to create open world game in EXperience that will work normally. EXperience developers is a new profession that don't have big popularity yet but every year became bigger and bigger. 18 years ago was made first EXperience exhibition, where big companies could find best developers and finance their projects. Many things changed on those exhibitions during 18 years. Before it was too exclusive, only best of the best could get a chance to be there. Only best developers and company directors or representative could take a part in it. Now many newbies could easily take a shot and exhibition was opened for just usual people that could buy exhibition ticket and have fun by testing new EXperience games.
Sadly now most of this game is erogames they easy to make and easy to sell. But still some developers try to make something new and fresh. I work as a beta-tester. We make simple game where player need to solve riddles in the room and by solving them he can proceed to the next room, where new riddles waits him. All developers try to shock player, developers with who I work try make players use not only their feeling but their head either.
I wanted to look other developers games most of them looked bad because they tried to use AI in their games, I think this is stupid way, perfect AI is not possible to make at least for now. In EXperience system people free on their actions. They can do more than 1000000 different actions, human can't predict them all to fill them in AI system for getting right reaction on all peoples action. But many people like just game effect so don't think about many lags that those developers have and they easily get companies sponsorship. Our game doesn't have any AI at all that's why it's perfectly works, but not full of effects as other games.

We approached our stand.

Finally, you came.

Damn. Ripley where have you been.

We need your help right now.


My name is Rip!


And why you need me here I am just a beta-tester

And this is a presentation

What do you need to test when we need to show our game!


Things going not so well.

People don't pay much attention to our game.

"Zombie hell survivor" and few erogames already got sponsor today.

We need add more levels.

Let's fast edit our last made level.


Edit level during exhibition.

You think it is a smart idea?!

We will not have even time to correct all properly.


We should risk we need to impress sponsors.

I sat on chair and put goggles on. It's time to do my job.

Location - Room

Here is my job. Search for the mistakes and lags and fix them. It's not hard and not so dangerous job.
(Sound - loud radio static)

Damn, my ears.

Radio sound is too laggy, correct it!

(Sound became more and more clearly, than I clearly heard repeating part of song)

You need to know the time.

When music will show you the right line...

...You need to know the time.

When music will show you the right line...

...You need to know the time.

When music will show you the right line...

I approached clock witch was hanged on the wall. They showed time - 02:45 pm. I put radio channel on 2.45 FM. After 30 second, music changed.

(piano song that was repeating after 30 seconds)


Little time lag after putting radio

on 2.45 FM, correct that and restart the level.

All start from beginning. Finally radio worked correctly from the beginning without any lags. I again put radio on 2.45 FM. Now melody played right after I changed station. I approached piano that was on center of the room. Each piano key had unique sound. The puzzle was to play on piano same melody that is on the radio. After few tries I finally played melody right. I heard door squeak. Now it's opened, level complete. Before leave the room I carefully check it. I spotted color lag on the wall.

Check color on the right wall from me.

Nick (voice)

Spotted, we little messed up.

Please wait.

After few minutes finally wall color was looking same as other walls in the room.

Okey, now it's alright.

I think that all lags that I could correct so far.


Okey. That's enough. Thank you.

You can log off.

I opened the only door in the room that was closed. There was sign:
"Sorry this is the end of the demo version. Thanks for playing."
I walked throw sing, and left our game.
Location - Exhibition

I put goggle off. It will add to our demo only 1 level more but it's at least something.

Exhibition finished. We couldn't find any sponsor. Only few usual visitors went to our stand and one sponsor, he tried our game but wasn't so impressed; he didn't saw that this game can get him much money. Everybody in our developer group felt depressed we waited this opportunity so long and we failed. Now we need to wait another year for the next try. Our group decided make a meeting on the Saturday where decide how change our game for finding sponsor in the next exhibition.

Location - Rip house (evening)

If say true, I wasn't too much upset about our fail. I think it's because I didn't much care about our project. The young photo of myself was looking on me from the shelf. My dad made this photo long time ago, on the photo I was standing near one of the first versions of EXperience machine it was when he got job in the big company. He and his best friend were chosen in third EXperience exhibition as the best participants. After that he got this job and from poor inventor he became top technology company worker. In that time I wanted to go by his steps, but after I saw another side of the coin I gave up on that silly dream. Now I feel okey with job that I have. It's easy to do, not so much payment but enough for my living. I put my child photo down because naive eyes from there annoyed me. Before sleep I decided to play only EXperience game that I had (besides the game that I was working in) "Unknown suspects". It was very old game. Only this game my father made when got that job. It is detective simulator. Player in interrogation room needed to talk with suspects with knowing on what criminal act they suspected and evidence against them. After that player need to decide if in this case suspect is known or unknown and answer logical to system why suspect is guilty. If player right he will go to the next level if player wrong game over. This game was old style game except walls table and shadows of suspects that changing during level it hadn't anything else. So it wasn't very popular. AI act realistic even for this days, but game was extra hard because nobody couldn't answer right why last suspect is guilty. People said last level has lag that's why nobody, even nowadays can't finish this game. But I am still trying to pass that last level. I put goggles on, it's show time.
Location - Interrogation room

I loaded last level. Here still was his shadow, last suspect he for sure guilty because if say suspect unknown will be game over right away, but nobody couldn't guess right why he is guilty. Long time I didn't check this game time to refresh my memory. I looked at suspect (Bill) BIO, case, evidence, victim BIO other possible suspects list.
Killing happened in the big hotel territory. Victim middle age women, while her husband (suspect) was on conference somebody kidnap her and killed by army knife, body were found on the parking lot. The knife were found in the packet in a dustbin, also there was costume shoes covered in blood, blood on the knife and shoes belong to victim but finger prints wasn't found. The main problem there is a witnesses that said that Bill was in conference 2 blocks away from the hotel while killing was happened also on his BIO said that he is aggressive person that often argue with people and he take part in a fight several times, he even was arrested for serious injuring people. But he serious loved his wife and never act aggressive to her besides she was kind to him too so he didn't even had a reason to kill her. Only one thing on his BIO was suspicious. His wife friend (Mike) lately often openly flirting with her, she told about that to Bill he got mad and attacked Mike. Maybe she had a romance with Mike and act like victim to hide it from Bill but later Bill find out about it. But still I didn't even get any idea how he killed her.

Today with you will be over Bill!

I will bust your artful ass.

System (computer voice)

Unknown words, please try again.


Suspect - Bill is guilty.

Reason - Revenge to the wife because of her cheating.

Description - During conference he silently exit the building. Call to his wife to know where she is and attacked her in a parking lot, after that he returned back to the conference room. Because killing was made by knife, blood spilled on his costume and shoes so he prepared other costume and shoes that looked same as his. He changed cloth, and tried to get rid of his old cloth and knife but because of witness came in the parking lot he had time only to get rid from a costume but shoes and knife he just hide in the packet. Than he fast returned in the conference room. I guess he used taxi for that.


Scanning answer...

Wrong answer, percent of right = 0.0 %

Game over.

Damn it. Not even close. Everybody thought that final level is lagged because even if description and reason is wrong, answer that Bill is guilty must give at least few percent of right answer, but it always gave 0.0% same as if you answer that killer is unknown. I tried to make another few version how killing was made by Bill I tried to analyze that killer could be witness that said that Bill wasn't in hotel by time when killing was made, it was his coworker, maybe Bill could pay him for helping with this killing or they related and he helped Bill on free will but all of this answers gave me again and again 0.0% . After another few try I gave up. I left the game.
Location - Rip house


Game over.

I guess this game really impossible to complete.

(Next day)

Location - Street (day)

Today I decided to visit Jane. Jane avoids most people. That is why I was her only friend. I like to talk with her but I often visit her for another reason. I just feel like I should visit her, to be often near and help her, also difference between me and her always attracted me.
Jane always thought that she cursed. All people that was important to her died. She was orphan. Her best friend from orphanage mysteriously disappeared. Her friend from school died in a car accident right before graduate. Even her neighbor that always was kind to her and try help here died from the heart attack. After that she avoided any people around her, she believed that she is cursed and any person that somehow meter for her will be affected by that curse and die.
I remember that day when we first talked. It was hot summer day, my day was very busy. 2 hours in a car without air-condition will take all the powers from any person. I didn't have power to get to my house so I decided just to rest in a park that I was often visiting.
Location - park (day, flashback)

Again that girl. I often saw her on this park before, she was sitting alone on the same bench. She looks very pale sometimes I even though what if she ghost and only I can see her. Except her unusual pale state she looked very pretty its even weird that she always alone somebody like her usually very popular. Maybe she really is a ghost?! Today it's time to check it. Only bench where she was sitting were on the shadow and had free space. I don't want to sitting under this hellish hot sun, so I approached bench where she was sitting.

Excuse me, can I sit?

Thank you!

Without waiting answer I set near her.

I am sorry but I am waiting my friend.


If you say truth, your friend already late for a couple of years.


What do you mean by that?


I saw you before many times.

You always were sitting here alone.


Are you following me?!


No... just I always curious.

Are you a ghost?



I think it is the worst question that guy can ask when talk with girl for a first time... Okey, not worst. But anyway after she said that she waiting somebody it was looking too creepy. I heard ghost story about this place: one late day in this park girl went for a walk with her boyfriend they were attacked by some psycho with knife. She and her boyfriend try ran from him, she felt but her boyfriend was too afraid to return, and left her, she was killed by that murder, there is a rumors that sometimes her ghost can be seen on the bench waiting when her boyfriend will return to her.
So her words made me feel even creepier and I decided to ask her this silly question.


You not ghost right?


Why do you say such a stupid things?


Yep... You right that was stupid.

My name is Rip and what is your name?


I will not say my name to you.

I don't plan to talk with you.

And what person will have such a weird name.

Your name is same crazy as you.


But you still talk with me.

So your name is....




Why Rosa?!


Just I thought about name Rosa...

So am I wrong?

Hm, okey let's try other names:

Sally, Kait, Jessy, Kim, Liza, Mary, Nicki


Stop it!

Stop guessing my name!

If you don't want go out of here. I will!


Okey, it is your choice.


Hey, how could you react so cold!

I am a girl, and I was here at first time!


So what. I will not give up on my sitting place.

And I even don't know you,

why I must care how you will feel?


You are terrible guy!


So why you still here?


I will not give up on my place either!


Okey, it's up to you.

I took pocket of chips.

Want some?


I think I pass.


Your choice!


Hate that guy!

We were sitting like that for two hours. I dose off, she read the book.


Hey look!

There empty bench in the shadow,

comfortable place and no people nearby.

Why you don't go there?


Go there by yourself, I feel comfortable here.


I will not go, here is my place.


Than we stuck here together I guess.

I even felt how much she wanted to struggle me. Her reaction looked funny so I decided to stay even when I already felt relaxed and was able to go home.
Another hour passed.

So you still plan to stay here?




Fine, I'll go home, bye.

With angry glance at me she stood up and went to the road. I stood up and went near her.


Hey, wait a minute.

You said you will stay there!


I changed my mind.


Oh, you terrible person.

We approached road, traffic lights was green, I went forward she was angry and slower her steps. Suddenly I heard a car. It was driven in a high speed and driver didn't even try to slow down. Car was going right on me, time was like slowing down but I was so scared that couldn't control my feet, another few seconds and I will die... I must do something, right now!
Car flashed near me. I was lying on the ground only after few seconds I understood what happened. Jane pushed me back right before car approached me. She was looking from up on my scared face. Not same glance that she looked on me those three hours, but glance where I saw that she was really worry about me. How stupid to worry about unknown guy that annoyed you for a three hours. I never relay to anybody and now saved by unknown girl it feels so weird.

Are you okey?

Can you stand?

I tried to stand but my knee was hurting very strong.

Common I will help you.

You need get out from road before another car will drive there.

She helped me to stand up and pass this road.


You saved my life.

I guess I own you.

I said it by my usual voice I already was okey not like a minute ago when I was scared like I never was before.


Don't call it saving I just dragged you back, that's all.


If you didn't dragged me back I would be

flatten out by that car.

I hate to be on somebody debt.

So say what can I do for you.


Nothing, just forget it.


Okey, so I will follow you until I get

how I can help you.


Is it legal?!

Ah, I so tired, do what you want.

She went forward but I followed her, my knee still was bad, it was hard to walk fast, she looked at me and decided to slow her steps so we could talk.


Listen, do you think I really saved your life?




Hm, how weird I thought I bring only death.

But it is first time when I really saved somebody life.

Her words about bringing death made me curious after twenty minutes denying, to answer why she said like that finally she decided to tell me her story.

So I know how I can help you!

I will be your friend!


What?! I even don't like you.


But you saved my life.

I don't believe in a curse but even if it exist

as you can see that curse doesn't affects me.

So I can be your friend.

I promise you!


It doesn't prove anything.

You were near death even today!


But you saved me.

You will see that I am right.

Also you don't like me

if I die you will not be too much sad.


You really weird person...

After that I always set near her in the park and tried to talk after few weeks she stopped be so cold to me and we became real friends she was worrying that something can happened with me but I was alright and she believed to my words that curse doesn't affect me. "Guy who name is Rip can't easy to die." - she often said to me this words. I still didn't say to her that my real name is Ripley.

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