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The Becoming

The sound of the summer wind, bird’s chirping. The room was a satin blue, filled with flowers. Two of the most important flowers have withered. The oak had carvings of angles holding hearts.

Edith could see her world spinning around her.  Her parents have recently passed away to what said to be a car accident. There was a peculiar nature of the bodies at the viewing. Edith saw the mark of two almost overlapping circles with a line through the circles on their left hands.  “Aunt Helen, look at that mark on their left hand” said Edith. “There is no mark dear” said Aunt Helen.

That day would live in Edith’s mind for the rest of her life. She got a lot of condolences from people she didn’t even know. Her Aunt told her to accept the condolences and be considerate of the people who gave them. Edith was 12 when her parents passed away. She didn’t quite know what was going on. She thought they would just come back to her. “These are hard times, things will only get worse before they get better” said Uncle Vermeer to Aunt Helen.

Edith remembered her parents always being so loving and caring towards her. She was protected, loved, and comfortable. Now she had to move to a new town, a new school, and start a new life with Aunt Helen.

Aunt Helen lived on a little farm south of Georgia.  She made almost everything from scratch and it had to be organic. Helen rarely went to the store. She sewed her own clothes, and made her own soap and shampoo. All of her life she was looked down on.

Helen’s  sister, Jennifer was always the one to outshine her. She was athletic and one of the popular girls in school. Everyone wanted to be Jennifer’s friend. Helen had a few friends in school and one boyfriend, who dated her to get to her sister.

Helen was never one to quit no matter how bad things got, and how much her sister was the one in the spot light. Her motto is “Make something out of nothing.”  When Helen was 7 she saw an old lady at the market selling homemade soaps.  Her mother and Helen approached the older women’s stand. To this day Helen remembers the scents of all the soaps. “Mom, can she teach me how to make soap?” asked Helen. Her mother was shocked, up till this point Helen did not take an interest in anything.

“I don’t think this lady wants to be bothered” said Helens mother.  “I would love to teach her the art of soap making, it is a valuable skill to have” said the soap maker. Helens mother was taken aback by this. Helen was not her favorite; she thought people didn’t like the child. Helen’s mother agreed to these terms and that’s how Helen’s love for organics begins.

“You dropped your pen” said James to Jennifer. She grabbed her pen and said “Thank you.”  “I see you are reading Hamlet, what’s your majoring?” asked Aden “English Literature, what is your major” “Architecture, I was wondering if you would like to go get coffee sometime? It’s always good to make new friends” “Sounds great. 4:30pm tomorrow?” Jennifer and James were together from that day on.

In the first 5 years of their courtship and marriage they would go to all kinds of museums, brewpubs, and wineries. The couple was constantly exploring new things when they were not working.  They kept each other happy and strong.


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