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by Chris
Rated: 13+ · Other · Contest · #1991622
Dramatic things happen and someone is evicted!
(Previously on Big Brother Posted: The Glamour Girls took control in the Big Brother house as Tiffany won HOH, and Lynette won POV. Hell broke loose in the house as the houseguests quarreled in the living room, and separated the house. Afraid of making enemies, Lynette & Tiffany think on putting up the most expendable houseguest, Karissa, and replace her with either Austin or Ryan. At the veto meeting, the idea went into action, and Karissa was blindsided.)
On this episode:
Karissa takes her blindside seriously
With no way to survive, the Austin and Karissa alliance fights back before they break
One player reveals a secret that will shake up the house
Will either Karissa or Austin be evicted?
It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!


Lynette: This is the veto ceremony. Austin and Ryan are on the block for eviction, and I have the power to veto one of the nominees. No pleads needed because I have already made my decision. I have decided...
To use the veto...
On Ryan.
*Ryan sits on the couch.
Lynette: Tiffany, since I have vetoed one of your nominees, you must pick a replacement.
Tiffany: *Stands up* I think you will all be shocked by this, but tonight, I have decided that one person must be on the block other than the two nominees, and tonight, Karissa, that person is you.
*Shocked, Karissa sits in the nomination seat*
Lynette: And with that, this veto ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Austin) I wish I was just in a dream, but this is actually for real. It looks like there is no way to survive what this house has set up for us.
Confessionals: (Karissa) I can't believe this! I was betrayed, and it is all the fault of that stuck-up, over-emotional idiot, and her slutty friend. This is an outrage! The Glamour Girls are a sham!
Confessionals: (Skylar) Does anyone have a clue of what is happening? I am really confused... But as long as I am safe from the eviction, I do not care.


*Karissa runs in and cries, and then Bren walks in*
Bren: Whoa. Am I having dvu or something?
Karissa: What do you want, slut lover?
Bren: What is your problem, Karissa? You look like c***.
Karissa: It is just those two idiots in this house.
Bren: What two idiots?
Karissa: Why don't I tell you.

*Karissa runs to the living room*
Karissa: Hey, everyone! Tiffany and Lynette are in an alliance called the Glamour Girls. They are plotting to evict you all one by one, so if you want to end up like me, I suggest you don't keep these bitches in the house!
Skylar: No way.
Candi: I knew it!
Tiffany & Lynette: 0_0

Confessionals: (Karissa) How do you like that, girls. It's a little think called karma. If I am leaving this house, they are going to follow my steps out of the house.

Austin: Karissa, that is so low.
Karissa: You know what? I do not care at all. Everyone here is a loser, and staying here any longer is a deathwish!
Austin: You are making no sense. I thought you were a cool person, but now that I have seen the real you, it is over, Karissa. We are through, and you can forget the alliance you wanted to form.
Candi: You tried to form another alliance too?
Lynette: Us being the blindsiders, huh?
Ryan: This whole time, Karissa has been trying to run the house and making secret alliances with everyone.
Candi: Karissa, you can go die, you dumb w****.
Karissa: Better than staying in this house. *Sobs and runs away*

[Guys' Room]

Skylar: This house is just messed up now.
Ryan: I know. I guess this means not only did Karissa try to hold two alliances, but she was the third suspect that saved William.
Skylar: So either way, two alliances will break down from now.
Ryan: I think it is a little overdramatic that this is all taking place, but as long as we stay away from the drama and win competitions, I can assure you we are going to be here for a while.
Skylar: You got it.


*Lynette watches Bren exercise, but Tiffany slaps sense into her to talk*
Tiffany: Get it together, Lynette!
Lynette: Sorry, Tiff. It's just my boyfriend.
Tiffany: We have more important matters to discuss right now, like what we are going to do now. Our alliance has now been exposed, and this is all your fault, Lynette. I hope you have an idea on how we can get out of this.
Lynette: I know, I know. It sounded like a much better plan before it went into action, so it looks like the only way we can get under the radar is if we can bring the saboteur back to the center of attention.
Tiffany: Are you sure? I mean, this saboteur is kinda getting old...
Lynette: It looks like the only way to avoid nomination, so I am going with it.

[HOH Room]

*Tiffany walks into the room, and watches the house in the room*
Tiffany: Everything looks good in Dramatown. Nothing looks out of place. *Gasp*
*Tiffany witnesses someone messing up the Guys' Room with slop*
Tiffany: It must be the saboteur!
*Tiffany runs to the room, and the saboteur runs just before she arrives*
Tiffany: Dammit! He... or she... has left.

*Suddenly, Bren walks into the room*
Bren: Tiffany! What the heck have you done to our room?
Tiffany: Nothing! I just got here!
Bren: Destroying our room! That's... SABOTAGE!!!
*Everyone walks in*
Bren: Tiffany just smothered our room with slop.
Tiffany: No! No! It was not me. I am innocent!
Lynette: Tiffany would never do something like this!
Skylar: My bed! It is ruined!
Ryan: Tiffany, are you the saboteur?
Tiffany: No! You have to listen to me, I just saw someone doing this on the TV monitor in the HOH Room. I just arrived to catch him, I swear.
Ryan: Excuses, excuses. It looks like we found the real saboteur.
Karissa: >:)
Bren: Sorry, but you are definitely going for what you have done the past few weeks.
Tiffany: No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo.........

Host: Hello, I didn't see you there. Week 3 comes to a close, and either Karissa or Austin will be evicted
*Host faces monitor*
Host: Hello, houseguest.
Everyone: Hello!
Host: It is now time to evict a houseguest. The two nominees are not allowed to vote, nor the HOH. One by one, you will enter the Diary Room, and cast your vote. Skylar, you are first.

[Diary Room]
Skylar: This week has been so confusing, but what I am certain of is that Karissa needs to go.
Bren: It is not such a hard decision. I vote to evict Karissa.
Candi: I wish I could evict everyone after what has occurred, but for now, I vote to evict Karissa.
Ryan: All I have to say is I vote to evict Karissa. End of story.
Lynette: I already know she is going, but why not? I vote to evict Karissa.

Host: The votes are in. In a vote of 5-0...
Karissa, you are evicted from the Big Brother house. You have one minute to say goodbye and leave.

*Nobody says goodbye or shows any emotions as Karissa walks away from the house.*
Host: Welcome, Karissa.
Karissa: Hi.
Host: It must be hard to be evicted after this tough week? How does it feel to be blindsided?
Karissa: Horrible. I expected better from the girls, but they did what they did, and now I am here.
Host: Thanks for playing. You made a great player in the game, and one more question: are you the saboteur?
Karissa: I am not the saboteur, but we all know it was Tiffany.
Host: Actually, it wasn't, and she was truthful, believe it or not.
Karissa: 0_0 Oh... Whatever, but if you are watching, Lynette, I'll get you back! I will get you all back!!!

Host: Thanks, Karissa? Next week is a double eviction week, so our houseguests must be ready. Next episode, the HOH comp. and the nominations. See you then.

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