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A story for the Genre times Four Contest.
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The climate was temperate and warm sunshine enlivened everyone during April in the city of Baltimore. Chelsea, a sixteen year old girl was a malingerer. She used to get frequent chides from her parents for her inattentiveness in studies and absence in classes. Chelsea was an introvert by nature and loved reading story books. She had a great passion for it. She was a versatile genius. She was good as well at singing and drawing. It was not that she secured poor grades. She loved literature and science subjects, specially Mathematics. The social studies group used to bore her. She was innovative by nature and loved to dream. Fantasy was the epicenter of her mind and only her introvert mind knew about her desires. A good- looking girl with snow-white complexion and buttermilk skin: she was a beauty for all eyes. She was tall too. The spectacles and her bit plump figure, did not mar her attraction.

A good-natured, candid girl, she was. She was selective in making friends and often became a source of derision by her peers for this cause. She talked little with the boys. None of the boys were handsome enough to woo her heart.
A lousy guy, Andy, told her one day,” Wanna have a date with me? You would find it interesting.”
“ Sorry. I am busy with my art competition. Please don’t mind.”

Andy could clearly understand the avoidance and so did the other guys.
One of her best pals, Tess joked, “ Andy is such a handsome hunk. I would have been a horny bitch had he asked me out. You are a dumb girl, no doubt.”
“ Stop your mouth. I’ve heard enough.” Chelsea retorted angrily.

She joined the eleventh grade with flying colors and took the science stream with Mathematics as a major. She entered the first day of her class hoping it would be a nice one, and she would complete assignments on time. She sat on the first bench. Seated next to her was a guy with sparkling blue eyes, auburn hair and, a sculpted face with craggy features. She appraised his height. He was nearly six feet tall, six inches more than her. Her heart began to flutter .

She was swept by his charming looks. The guy was named Ted and he looked at her amorously. Chelsea felt embarrassed and her cheeks flushed pink.

After the school was over Ted asked her” Where do you live Chelsea?”
“I live nearby my school, just five minutes from here.”
“ Would you like a coffee with me?” Ted smiled.
“ Uh-oh, yes..”, she hesitated. She had never imagined anything like this before. She was head over heels in love with him and so was he. Her black and white world now turned tinted.

The next evening was the best day of her life. Chelsea wore a peach colored sleeveless frock , low in height enough to flaunt her long legs. Ted looked at her like a Cupid and his eyes followed her body. Chelsea shied when Ted was gawking at her full breasts.

Ted suddenly held her hand tightly,
“ I love you baby. Do you? I think of you every time. You appear to me in my dreams too.”
Chelsea nodded, “ I love you too Ted.”

Their relationship became more intimate. They often used to visit love parks .Ted used to press her boobs and fingered through her panty when dusk used to set in. They were both possessed by an unbridled surge of desire by now.
One day, unable to repress his libido Ted said,” I can’t control myself anymore honey. I want to make love with you.”
“ Me too. I am afraid a bit.” Chelsea said, adrenalin rushing through her.
“ Don’t vex, darling. You are mine and always be. I won’t let you down.”
“ What if anything goes wrong?”
“ Nothing will. I will marry you when I get a job.”

Chelsea’s home was empty that day. Ted entered and they started smooching each other. A frenzy of drive gushed through them. Ted gently unclasped her undergarments and began kissing her large, rotund breasts with fervor. He placed ardent kisses on her bum and drank the juices of her wet feminity. Chelsea smooched his hairy chest and his long dick. She placed fervent kisses on his groin. An excellent foreplay they created. The world became a standstill and celebrated their sensual moments, when Ted finally entered his hard maleness into her.

Weeks after, Chelsea told Ted “ I have a bad news Ted.”
“ What honey?”
“ I have conceived.”
“ Oh my God!” Ted said, shocked at the news.”
“ What am I going to do Ted? My parents would scald my skin if they come to know.”
“ No worries sweetheart. Just abort it. I’ll help you.”
“ Okay but what about your promise?”
“ Which promise?”
“ Your vow to marry me?”
“ Why so anxious dear? Let me complete my graduation and secure a lucrative job.”
“ Okay, I have full faith in you.” She hugged him tight.

Weeks after her abortion Chelsea went for a hangout with her buddy Tess. They were just near the love park when Tess shouted ,” Look who’s there?”

Chelsea could not believe her eyes. She saw Ted cuddling and smoldering a blonde.
She could not bear anymore. Her love had dumped her. However hard she tried she could not efface him from her body and soul. Years passed off . Chelsea had completed her graduation but severe depression ravaged her. Ted was going to marry Susan, that blonde. She lost the meaning of her life and any how had to end it.

One night she gulped an excess amount of sleeping pills and her morning never came. All her friends were terribly morose and shell-shocked. Even Ted began to feel a burning remorse ,and his guilty conscience constantly pricked him.

One night, Ted was lying in his bed. He was going to tie the knot soon. The leaves in his garden rustled and a fretful cry startled him. He jumped out of his bed and looked into the garden. He saw no one. Again he heard a bloodcurdling scream . He leaped out of his bed and started loitering, trying to locate the source of the sound. He pried a look into the garden again. With black tresses and blood drooling from her scarlet lips, horrific and scary eyes, there stood Chelsea. Ted froze at the grisly sight.

“ Is that you, Chelsea?” He stuttered and could not utter a single word.
“ Yes. I am.”
Her wild guffaws reverberated through the whole house and shook the chandelier forcibly. It crushed down to pieces ,enveloping a canopy of darkness.

Susan was lying in her bed, thinking of rosy colored dreams, that resembled a confetti. She was too zealous about her marriage. Suddenly she heard a whimpering cry. A woman with a bloodless face and blood dripping from her deep, red lips skipped from her window, and attacked her. Susan was bitten all over her nude body. The woman had tore her nightdress. The woman now drank the blood from the gushy wounds of Susan.

A week after was the date fixed for the marriage of Ted and Susan. Ted unable to recover from the agonizing horror, tried to divert his mind by thinking about Susan.

The cherished day arrived. Guests thronged their wedding hall. Susan dressed in a lacy, white gown and Ted dressed in a groom’s suit pledged and their marriage took place with merriment. An aura of mirth shrouded them. After the ceremony Ted took Susan to his bedroom. He undressed her and placed her unclad body over his unclothed one. Her boobs rubbed against his hairy chest and he was going to kiss his beautiful bride ,when suddenly Susan bit his cock and cut gashes all over his body. “Oh Lord! Help me.” Ted groaned with awful pain, blood oozing from his body ,and Susan was guzzling it. He convulsed and wrangled with severe pain. “ Who the heck are you?” He stammered, he was bleeding profusely. A loud chortle resounded through the room and a gusty, cold wind quaked the wind chimes. They began to jangle vehemently and a queer music buzzed .

“ Don’t you remember me?” Susan chuckled ,with her lips ripe with fresh blood.
“ I am sorry but I fail to…”. He could say no more. He was on the verge of his death.
“ How could you forget me so quickly?”, Susan hollered.
“ Who are you”, he mumbled feebly.
“ How could you dump me with such an ease Ted? I loved you with all my body and soul. How could you leave me and desert me like that? Didn’t your conscience quiver a bit Ted? Didn’t your hands tremble when you touched that blonde? Didn’t ever my immaculate love affect you Ted, you heartless man?”
“ Are you Chelsea?”

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