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A poem for the Perfect Sonnet Contest.
She pressed her child closely to her breast
To keep dangerous risks and strifes at bay.
Amid her loving lap the small girl lay,
Nestling with peace with her mother in rest.
Many sleepless nights passed by in unrest,
Of her mom to protect her child away
From the deep anxiety that used to fray
Her nerves, an endless love at her bequest.

To nourish her child, none can be better.
Her love, blood and soul throb through her veins.
A loyal, staunch bond they form together.
In her mom's nest, she remains.
Embedded in her heart, she lies ; whether
Anyone cares or not, shares, feels or gains.

Prompt: Mother's love( In honor of Mother's Day)
Form: Petrarchan sonnet
Petrarchan (Italian) Sonnet ~ the Petrarchan sonnet is divided into two stanzas, the octave (the first eight lines) followed by the answering sestet (the final six lines) using a tightly woven rhyme scheme, abba, abba, cdecde or cdcdcd. The Petrarchan presents an argument, observation, question, or some other answerable charge in the octave, followed by a turn, or volta, which occurs between the eighth and ninth lines. This turn marks a shift in the direction of the foregoing argument or narrative, turning the sestet into the vehicle for the counterargument, clarification, or whatever answers the octave demands.

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