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Just a descriptive rough draft of a scene I wrote. What do you think?
The air was crisp and raw. A chilled, gentle breeze graciously drifted in from the west and rustled the flimsy stems of the fragile leaves affixed to the tall oaks. Rich-red, youthful-yellow, and outstanding-orange friable leaves--transformed by photosynthesis into spectacular beauties--delicately dropped from the great trees and rode the current of smooth, cold air to the ground, spinning and swaying like experienced ballerinas before Latin dormant upon the cool, frost-bitten, green earth. The scent of salt and archaic-infinitude faintly rolled off the ocean from the west, and the melodic intonation o the fleeting, icy-blue waves capped with fluffy, white foam faintly permeated the molting forest forever bequeathing it with a pure, undomesticated harmony.
Brillant golden rays of blissful incandescence sprinkled down from the baby-blue sky above and delicately lavished the land with their elegant warmth. Beans of delicate light were sliced ion wispy slivers by the awkward branches of the trees and lot the terrain in a thousand different places like a complex jigsaw-puzzle of daylight. Ivory washed feathery clouds casually advanced in the upper-atmosphere and occasionally blotted out the sun dimming it's gold complexion.
Tiny kaleidoscopic birds darted from chromatic tree to chromatic tree. Their pleasant singing created an angelic symphony of chirps and tweets that filled the forest. Great birds of prey soared high above hunting for their next meal; their sharp, distinctive cry rang out from the heavens, and their silhouettes flashed across the ground.
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