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by Archie
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Something rotten in Norfolk, VA.
It is, in a sad way, comical to watch the misdeeds of Ronnie Boone, Paul Fraim, and Bernard Pishko.

For decades, the Boone Fiefdom has benefited from their Lord Mayor Paul Fraim and his sometimes comically inept mouthpiece, Bernard Pishko. I'm wondering if "Pishko" means "Puppet on a string" in some ancient language. Excuse me for leaving out the rest of the Fraim Gang in this blog, but you'll understand the focus, I hope.

Money speaks. Money backed by political power speaks louder, and, over the decades one could come to the conclusion that the money-power combination in Norfolk has skirted downright corruption.

In past instances, many if you follow the Virginian-Pilot stories over the past number of years, the Boones have teamed up with city officials, several on city council, present and past members of council, to develop the Ocean View area.

Certainly, Ocean View needed development, or redevelopment. But it is my contention that much money passed back and forth under the table to give advantage to a few while ignoring the needs of Norfolk as a a whole and Ocean View in particular. The ties among the major players, the Boones and Council, are too close. Why have investigative reporters not followed the finances of the principle players in the giant Monopoly™ game?

At a deeper level, why does Fraim and his gang not listen to us; I do not see a shred of innocence; his hands smell dirty with ill-gotten lucre, as do the hands of the Boones. It is because no one is willing to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, gold that we, the people have provided.

I could be wrong. But I issue a challenge for investigative teams, journalistic and State Police, to prove me wrong.

Perhaps it is time for we, the serfs, to arise in protest.

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