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What happens when another old enemy comes into the picture?
Part Two

When I opened my eyes all I saw nothing but a few small slits of light coming from under a door. I slowly uncurled myself from my tightly woven ball. I was ready to scream until I remembered where I was. I groaned and banged my head back against the wall. I heard a small shriek coming from near me making me jump. My voice shook when I asked,''Crystal?''

I felt arms being thrown around me and I embraced them. The light under the door was enough to let me see smudged details. Crystal moved her head to the side at a perfect angle where it was illuminated for a second. I jerked away,but held her shoulder length apart.'' What did he do to you. Crystal, look at you, your face.''

" Shh,''she snapped. I then realized how loud I had said that.'' He keeps coming by and listening every so often. Its okay now. I'm okay now.'' I could tell she might have not been in that much pain as before,but she was lying about being okay.

" Even without my powers, I can tell you are lying. Please, what did he do?'' I studied her face, I had to focus to see the lump on her forehead. It seemed to not be bleeding at the moment. I knew it had been bleeding because of a trail of dried blood ended at her chin. I hadn't noticed how much I had been bleeding. I ran my thumb over a spot on my arm. A small burst of pain went through my arm making me cringe. I held it closer to the light and I saw a tiny thorn in it. I plucked the thorn out easily and continued to search myself for more. Crystal wrapped her arms around her knees.'' Tell me what he did.'' I demanded.

"Willa,calm down, he didn't do anything major. All of this,''she gestured to her ripped shirt and scabbed up cuts,''was from before we even entered this house.So what happened was when I woke up from being unconcious was that he said I needed to learn my lesson about whatever it was I did. Well, he didn't cut me or anything. He slammed me against the wall and hit me until I was too dizzy and in pain to stand.'' I gasped. I could only imagine the blue bruises forming on her sun-tanned skin. We both froze as a shadow went through the light. It paused for a moment then continued on. Crystal went back to telling me the story,'' then I passed out for the second time and woke up here. It's a lot easier hiding pain from a person when you have powers.'' I nodded in agreement.

She was calm. At least calmer than I was, or than anyone would be in this situation. It was natural for her, she always finds a way to calm herself and me down, even when it's a life of death situation. I always freaked out at times like this. Of course we have been kidnapped and powerless a few times before,but usually we don't have forbidden weapons on our person that can kill us in a matter of seconds and it isn't our parent's arch enemy that is the kidnapper.I know we needed to get out,but losing my powers hurt me emotionally just as much as Blaze had physically. It was now that I had even given a second thought to my emotions besides anger. I couldn't stop the tears that started coming from my eyes.

Crystal asked me what was wrong so I answered,'' Oh,Crystal, we lost everything. We have no powers, he's too strong, I can't seem to get my mind clear enough to think of a plan.'' She hugged me,stopping any words that wanted to come spilling from my mouth.

I hugged her back and when she pulled away my tears had dripped onto her shirt.'' Just let it out Willa.'' Again we froze as a shadow past the light in front of the door.

Once it passed I relaxed against the wall,but the tears and emotions flooding into me were really uncontrollable. The only feeling I didn't have was anger and it was because I used that up earlier. Most of all what entered me was fear. I can't properly describe to you what it feel like because you ( I presume) are not an empath. It is like taking the scariest memory you have ever had and re-living it over and over in a minute, just a constant stream of emotions. It was nauseating. This is magic. Empaths take in the emotions around them, most of the time,unwillingly. They can control them to a certain extent,but sometimes emotions are to strong for a person. Like earlier when I was surrounded by so much chaos and confusion, so much that it became my own feelings. Its why I hate crowds. I have cried,laughed, and even gotten sick from feelings around me.

''You know,'' I started,'' I sometimes I wonder how we are sisters.'' She smiled at me as I continued.'' Your blonde haired, I'm brown. Your basically a sun god's daughter, I'm a moon god's daughter. Yet we have the same parents. I may be the smart one-'' She punched my shoulder,but not hard enough to hurt. I threw m hands up and cried,''Ouch.''

" I can be smart...If I want to.'' I laughed and she laughed. Then we were both laughing. My heart warmed up. The situation momentarily forgotten, even though constant streams of tears pushed their way out of my eyes. I let the happiness take over. Letting the tears drain out the badness.

My curiosity started to bubble.'' I wonder how that happens, that we have the same parents but different....ah,whats the word? Spirits, I guess. Sun and Moon.We're complete opposites. Mom is sun goddess and dad is the Moon god.'' She nodded along in agreement.

" You know as well as I do that we may never know. Hasn't that been established when we actually found out we were sisters?''

I frowned. I could tell we were both thinking back to the days when we were only but 14. We were barely friends. We lived in the same Orphanage,but we didn't know we were sisters. Our opposite looks and traits gave us no hint to it and we weren't even supposed to have our powers until age 16, but since we were daughters of gods, we got ours early. It was a good thing,too, because someone had found out we were at that orphanage. Word seemed to spread fast of us. Soon we were ambushed by an arch enemy of our family. Pheonix and Blaze.We are supposed to be so power full as we were, but that meant danger from the people who wanted our powers. Our parents had sent us here to live with one of their old friends who happened to be a guardian. Crystal and me were watched over and protected by her and 2 other younger guardians who were only a year older than us.

I looked down, I had absent-minded been playing with my necklace. I held it up. Crystal pulled her necklace out of her shirt and it seemed to shine dimly like mine. Her's was a sun, resembling her power like mine did. It was a circle sun made of orange/yellow Topaz. It had small rays of sunlight on one side and smooth on the other. She held it close to mine and they started to glow brighter. Illuminating each others faces. She put hers even closer and they clicked together The smooth side of her sun on the curve of my crescent moon. A bright light was produced. The light didn't shine on anything around us except the area in between us. I stuck my hand outside the dome, but the light followed and seemed to bend around my hand. We both let out little giggles.A rush of energy came from the charms in different intervals, it was the energy from them that kept the light shining. The energy bursts made me feel even happier. More small giggles erupted. We let them go and they stayed hovering in mid-air right between us, covering us with their warm light.

We sat there smiling at each other, until we actually looked at each other. Crystal's gash on her head was blue and purple. She had a black eye and cut lip. Blood smudged nearly ever where on her face, dried and scratched. Her arms were cut in varies small places like mine were. Dried blood everywhere, stains on clothes, hair in knots. Bruises in random places.

I heard something click and I looked outside our dome of light to see that the rays from under the door had gone. I jerked my necklace apart from Cystal's. Letting hers fall back around her neck, leaving us there in nothing but darkness. We waited for something to happen, but we guessed Blaze was going to sleep or something. We didn't risk putting them back together or even talking to each other besides me whispering for her to go to sleep since I had slept longer than she had. So we sat back to back leaning on each other. Soon her body went limp and her breathing had slowed.I stayed awake, just day dreaming about how everyone else is. Kim, the guardian of all of us in the orphanage, is probably consoling our parents who are most likely spreading every trust-worthy person to look for us. I know where Cathrine and Kayla are,the other two guardians, I didn't want to think of how they had betrayed me and Crystal. They meant nothing to us.

I must have fallen asleep because I opened my eyes and someone was casting a shadow over me. I was sprawled out on the floor with Crystal by my head. I pushed myself up and tried to make sense of the blurry world. Once I had rubbed the sleep from my eye and was awake enough to tell who the person on front of me was. I almost wished I was still asleep. Blaze, wearing dark-blue jeans and red hod die that covered his face where I couldn't see any of it. He motioned for me to stand and I got up obediently. I shivered and wrapped my arms around me. I'd rarely ever got old when I had powers. I didn't like it. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me quietly into the hallway. The only sound was of my bare feet slapping hard wood floor. I hadn't realized I lost the flip-flops I had on. He turned and locked the door with Crystal in it. I started to mentally panic. What was he going to do that only required me? I started to think of all kinds of dreadful things. One that struck me was something he said earlier. He had said he only needed one of us. I started to resist. I tried to pull away,but he just tightened his grip on my wrist and ignored me as I clawed at his hand. " Please don't kill me.Please,please.'' He stopped. He turned around and switched the hands held my wrist in. He grabbed my other wrist and stepped towards me where he was almost right against me. I had to look up slightly to see his face. I gasped. It wasn't Blaze. I started to pull away harder than ever screaming no. I am surprised Crystal wasn't awake, or maybe the walls muffle sound. When I couldn't pull away, I flopped on the floor like a child." No, not you!Please no. I would rather die at the hands of Blaze.''

" Willa, stop. I am not here to kill you.'' He snapped angrily and loudly. I shrieked. He let go and I started scooting backwards until I hit a door at the end of the hall.

" Then where's Blaze and why aren't you taking Crystal?'' He opened his mouth to speak,but I stopped him.'' No, we are not leaving without Crystal.''

"Crystal will be fine for the moment. Someone else is coming for her later. Blaze is gone for the moment.''

" Why should I trust you? Seeing as how you used to work with Pheonix, you'll have to give me a really good reason to come with you. How do I know you are not trying to trick me? What if you are just luring me to Pheonix even faster?'' He stepped closer to me and I held my hands up protectively, and pulled my knees to my chest." Please don't hurt me.'' He froze, mid-step then took a step backwards.

" Listen, you know what I did last year I was forced to do.'' I started shaking my head.'' I told you that. I have never felt so bad about anything in my life. I still love you, I truly do.'' I went still. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out." I never stopped loving you. Yes, some things I did were of my own free will. Yes, I shouldn't have let my emotions control me. You of all people should know how that feels.You should know how persuasive people can be'' He walked over to me and offered me a hand. I gave him my hand and he pulled me easily up. He wrapped me in a hug and I stood still, unsure about what to do. I shoved him away.

" I know how that feels, yes, but I don't love you anymore. I can't, not after what you did.'' I said it a little too harshly,'' you hurt me, Zach. You hurt me and Crystal.'' I tried to summon any feelings beside the burning hatred I had for him. I didn't trust him at all. I felt the pent up anger straining to break free. I couldn't stop from yelling,'' You nearly killed us! You tortured us! I still have the scars that your own hand gave me ! You followed Pheonix's orders because you were to stupid to listen to anyone else! You took me away from Crystal and tried to kill her! I still have nightmares that haunt every moment of my sleep! You did all of it. You ruined my life and I will never forget that.'' I looked at the ground. His black tennis shoes were close to my bare feet. I tried to control the shaking of my body, but I am sure it didn't work

" I am sorry.'' his voice trembled.'' There's not a waking moment when I don't regret my decisions. I,too, have nightmares about you. I have nightmares that I will lose control like that. I am afraid to see you so scared. A girl like you is hard to scare. It makes me realize how much of a monster I was. '' I looked straight into his deep blue eyes, trying not to let them consume me,'' And about the hug... I didn't mean anything by it. I can't take you both and I can't explain now. Someone will come and get Crystal when the coast is once again clear.''

I frowned. He had not notice yet. I knew he hadn't. I held my wrist up for him to see. At first he didn't get what I was showing him he them his expression changed.'' You can't leave with that on!''

" Geez, you think? You wonder why we haven't escaped yet? I-'' A sound of a door shutting in the distant stopped me and I strained to hear what it came from it sounded far away but not that far. All the sudden I felt the air being knocked out of me and I heard a door lock shut. Once the world stopped moving and the black spots stopped obscuring my vision. I was back in the room where Crystal slept silently. She was just awakening and she looked baffled for a moment.

She looked at me and rubbed her eyes until they started getting red. She yawned extensively and stretched herself across the floor before sitting up,'' Hello,'' I said since I had nothing else to say. I wasn't going to tell her about Zach since she was rather sensitive on that subject as much as I am. She gave me a tired small smile before a loud slam of a door made us jump. I scooted closer to her and waited. Foot steps got louder and traveled down the hall until they stopped. I looked and a shadow was coming under the door.

Suddenly the door flung open revealing an furious looking Blaze. He was wearing light blue jeans and A tight black shirt that flaunted the muscles on his body. His face was in a scowl and he held rope in one hand and strips of cloth on the other.'' Change of plans,'' He said hissed,'' We are leaving right now.''


Sorry this one is a lot shorter, I got stuck at a part. I am hoping someone on here wil read this and give m some feedback. I am starting to wonder if it is really bad enough that people hate it... Well thanks for waiting for part two if you actually care and expect the 3rd part in a week or two. I am working diligently.
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