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Looking at the way we use the Internet.
Years ago, when the Net was conceived,
I’m sure its inventors firmly believed
That it would be a force for good,
But, typically, many have misunderstood.

Yes, it is used for charity campaigns,
Sharing knowledge and other such gains,
But, others use it to bully and troll;
These people obviously don’t have a soul.

Why do they think they have the right
To sit at a keyboard and delight
In making people feel small,
Spouting their vile vitriol?

That’s not why the Net was given to us,
And we were placed in positions of trust,
To be able to educate, expand and connect.
This gift should be treated with more respect

It’s fun to have the occasional pic
Of cousin Graham and Uncle Mick,
Boozing it up, acting like fools,
Staggering about and missing their stools,

But, what is this current obsession about?
Two hundred photos of you and your pout;
Or a photo of tonight’s average dinner;
Or details of fad diets to get thinner!

Surely the idea of having a photo
Is to remember all the places you go to?
When you look back, will you know where you’ve been
No, because only your face fills the screen!

I think it’s quite sad, that now, when you’re out,
All that anyone’s concerned about
Is shoving their cameras in people’s faces,
And not taking time for loved ones and places.

Phones pinging and messages flying,
The art of direct conversation is dying.
So, next time you’re out for a special day,
A couple of pics, then, put phone away;

Sit down with loved ones, have a good natter;
Does that latest tweet you send really matter?
Precious moments with loved one are often too few;
Think of life up ‘til now, and how it just flew.

Surely life’s about having those moments to treasure,
Not putting your life up online to be measured.
Your life is yours; you don’t have to compete;
That smart-arse status won’t make you complete.
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