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Heroism in the Field
Medic! Medic! A man's gone down!
With these words the unit starts to frown.
A soldier's lying in the high grass,
the medic runs out, risking his ass.

The radio man gets on the horn,
they're doing the duty they have sworn.
He calls a chopper to the scene,
as the medic signals to his team.

The enemy shoots into their midst,
lucky for them, the shots all missed.
The medic starts to move the man out,
as soon as he's moved he gives a shout.

The medic ignores this and moves on,
as lead rains down from the Viet Cong.
He throws the wounded man over his shoulder
and ducks behind an overgrown boulder.

The chopper swings in from overhead,
raining down some American lead.
The medic dashes from under cover,
as the chopper continues to hover.

The medic lifts his man on board
as his unit continues forward.
The soldier's life just may be spared
because the medic did what he dared.

Just as the medic reaches his troops
he takes a breather and regroups.
Medic! Medic! A man's down in the grass!
The medic runs out, risking his ass!

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