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Rated: 13+ · Other · Romance/Love · #1992451
A small femdom non-bdsm romance, mostly for brainstorming for a side project.
He brushed a paper off his precious white dress shirt, panicing over the sudden dampness of his right arm. A sour mood was in the air, the concrete jungle was full of angry looking hoods and even angrier looking suited men and women. He went onwards clenching his suitcase tightly to his chest, then he realised that the flow of traffic he was moving in was the ONLY flow of traffic. Nerviously he continued onwards until he came across a broken down newstand, at first glance it looked intact, but another would find the bent metal and burnt newspapers to be fallout like.

He searched about it hardly noticing the sirens blaring in the back of his head as he finally pulled out a newspaper which s headline commented on the irradiation of food in a positive manner. He stared at it for a bit with his case under his arm, not sure where he stood in the madder, but before he could read on someone shoved him to the ground and walked past him. Before he could catch the box the thing fell to the ground and bursted open. His graphs and papers fell about the place making a right mess about the place, looking up at his skyborn work he saw the weapons people had. These were things barely legal if not illegal, molotov cocktails, various small firearms and one man with a police issued shotgun!

He looked at the mob in horror as he stepped into a back alleyway, there were police cars lined up inside, blocking off the corners in the L shaped alley. A machine gun was loaded and a female voice was heard from behind a car." Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to lower yourself, GROUND, NOW!" She shouted, he did as she asked, dropping to the floor." God you're the first one to listen all day. " she everted her attention to someone behind her." Go get him, calmy this time." A man in heavy SWAT armor walked lazily twards the man on the ground and took his hands, pulling him gently to his feet once more and leading him twards the fort of vehicles. An even more muscular woman greeted him as the two entered through a small indent in the side of a car. She was decked out in full kevlar and had a mask and helmet on. The number 67 was painted in yellow on her vest a long with her bloodtype on her leg. Her head was shaved, as evidenced by her helmet not covering her upper temples. She nodded to him and the man set him down between them on the ground, sitting him in relatively the most protected area of the cars. On the other corner spot was two other women, and in the corner there was a door which held even more soldiers inside. He sat there confused." Uhh..I gotta get back to my job, there was a food safety meeting today and err-..." She interupted him, laughing." No one has work today in the city. You can hang with us until this all dies down, alright...?" He nodded, not willing to argue with anyone with a rifle. "Come a little closer. And put these on, I wanna show ya somethin'..." She says with a wink. "Oh don't fucking show off now...." The other swat man complained, she ignored him
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