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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1992468
The kenosis of theoanthropy action
    So much of this world is commercialized ,
    the materialist have gained the upper hand , while spirituality is waning.
    The Dutchous sipped her Burgundy and flipped her Tarot deck.
    Her daughter Trina was busy giving an herbal massage to old lady Grumb.
    Lady Grumb had been complaining about a painful tightness in her inner thighs.
    Trina knew this meant a long session. It was days like these that made Trina
    question her gypsy upbringing .. "Perhaps a gentle rub of my no-no?"
    Lady Grumb whispered. Trina smiled and complied.

    The incense was tempting her to sneeze. Trina flared her nostrils and
    suppressed her urge. "Maybe a little fingering there dear?" the old lady was
    blushing. Trina complied and wondered if her Home Depot application had
    been accepted. A gentle breeze crossed the room through the wind chimes.

                    "Why do you have candles at your alter?" a voice spoke.

    "What was that?" Mrs. Grumb asked .. "I don't know. Mom?!" Trina shouted
    over the ocean wave music. The Dutchous entered and looked startled at the
    ceiling.  There was a tiny fiery flying about the parlor.  Trina spotted it ,
    "Well, hello."

                  "The candles are for sacrifices. The wax is the flesh and the wick
                  the spirit. Is this your sacrifice?" the tiny fiery voice sounded like bees.

    Mrs. Grumb sat up. "What kind of deviltry is this? I will summed the Monsignor."
    the old lady said and was instantly transformed into a sea turtle. Trina jumped
    back from the large turtle as her mother ran from the room. The Dutchous
    popped into the form of a parrot. "Squawk!" her mother said and flew to a perch
    on the French chair she did her readings from.

    Trina was petrified .. She could not move .  "If only I had accepted Jesus,
    like those Jehovah Witnesses had asked." Trina said as her body dissolved
    into a black cat.

                    "I will call you Tilieria. You will be a powerful familiar for my bidding."
                    The fiery commanded the cat to run to the next house.

    It was the house of Presidents past and future; a house of kings.
    Jeb was sleeping in his favorite lazy boy chair when Tilieria leapt onto his lap.
    "Whoa!" Jeb shouted as the cat's claws dug through his bathing trunks,
    Tilieria purred and worked her charms. . Jeb was enthralled and patted the pussy.
    "Well, you don't have a collar.. I guess I'll call you Raven." Jeb smiled and drifted
    off to sleep.

                  "Sleep good king. Nothing is more heroic than submission to my
                  raven Tilieria. .. There is a storm coming, but the land will be greener
                  for it." the fiery whispered to her cat and king.

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