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A lost hope that can never be found.
A Forever Lost Hope

Another day of living in disdain
My temple seems breaking, dying in pain
My wounds are freshened the moment
I think of those memories of torment.

My thoughts are on astray
I tread on this blurry way
Lost in this den oblivion
I can't find the way to move on.

I'm numb. I lost my feel
I deeply slumbers on world unreal.
This life of putrid miseries won't quell
Even rodents won't dare to dwell.

Their words are shattered glass
The pain from piercings just won't last
Their dreadful stares penetrate down my soul
And let me feel a life dark as coal.

I lost my strength to take the blows
My windows are tired and lost its glow
My tears ran dry, my reservoir is empty
I wither like a fragile flower beneath the tree.

My mind wander in the vast profound
Searching for lost hope that can never be found.
Forever it is lost. Forever I'll cry
Forever I'll fail every time I'll try.

Will I ever flee from this life choking chains
That grip me roughly inflicting much pains?
In this life I trod where darkness reigns
How long will I survive, how long will it ends?

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