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Charlotte Hazelrink has a little brother. They want each other and he wants others to.

Jason Hazelrink was many things. He was great at sports, he was a near master of Kick-Boxing, he was 14 and he was a prince. What he wasn't was a pansy who would be caught dead riding in a horse-drawn carriage – that was more his sisters thing.

And Alfred had always been happy to oblige her. Even if taking a car would be soo much safer.

He also had a deep secret that only his father the king of Hazelrink knew. He was head over heels for his older sister Charlotte, 18, 4 years older than him and completely drop dead gorgeous. It was the reason why his father had not signed any marriage contract pertaining to his sister. He wanted to keep the throne in the family, and was quite overjoyed when he heard that.

Which was the reason he was currently speeding along the highway towards the mansion his sister was living in currently. On his trusty shiny black motorbike. He'd ditched his guards, stowed his personal handgun in a sheath under his jacket and decided to head on himself to meet up with his sister.

He had to make a good impression after all. It had been a year since he'd last seen his sister. And he was just itching to...spend some time with her. Yeah, nothing wrong with that he mused with a grin.

He wasn't very tall for his age, being only a few inches over five feet. But he had inherited the looks of his family and like his sister was gorgeous he was handsome. His silvery-pink hair was cut at a medium length and spiked down and backwards in messy spikes. His face was tanned and his body was lean with quite a bit of muscle packed in from the years he'd studied under his Kick-Boxing instructor.

He was never one for entourage's. And his father would not allow him to take his safety into his own hands unless he could protect himself. So he had to train in a fighting style for years and learn to handle weaponry.

Good thing he quite liked doing so.


It would be twenty minutes later as he was zooming down a spiraling road on a mountain path that Jason would be in for quite a shock.

He'd just turned the winding road, coming out onto a free open and long road. Caring little for the speed limit, or that he was underage for riding a motorcycle. What did he have to fear? He was a prince, any cop stupid enough to attempt to arrest him would get their asses kicked both by him and then fired later by their bosses for messing with a shit storm of politics.

Unless the cop was female, and hot. Then he'd use his princely charms, seduce her and then screw her over the hood of her car. He was no stranger to the female form, despite being only 14. It was kind of mandatory for a prince to be experienced with such actions in case of seduction specialists – rare as they were nowadays.

And the many good looking maids employed around the Hazelrink castle or ambitious females attempting to rise to a higher station were much too tempting for him to ignore for long.

As it was, when he came upon the new road and found a familiar looking carriage up ahead being accosted by a car of hoodlums – Jason blinked once in shock, then snarled in anger when he heard the oh so familiar velvety tones of his older sister screaming in fright.

With a quick spin on the gears in his handle bar, Jason's bike roared forth faster than ever. He pulled up the other side of the carriage without the hoodlums attacking it and felt his heart beat increase in desire when he caught sight of her for the first time in person in a year.

Charlotte was huddled up against the door nearest to him, trying to avoid the hoodlums breaking apart the door to get inside to her. Her long pink hair glittered in the sunlight, and she wore a low cut yellow top that could barely hold back the expansive weight of her very large breasts. There was a white jacket unzipped over the yellow top and below that he could just make out the form of a dark blue mini-skirt.

He would have loved to keep on admiring her form, But some bastard hoodlums were getting in the way of that, he wondered why Alfred hadn't just pulled over and kicked the ever lasting shit out of these guys. Alfred was the one who taught him to fight after all, and he knew the old man could smack these little gnats around no problem.

Best not to dwell on it for now. It gave him the chance to show off how much he'd grown as a man for his sister, so there was a plus side to it. “Sister!” Jason shouted as he rode along beside the carriage, drawing her attention.

She turned upon hearing his voice, her deep blue eyes widening and a bright smile erupting across her face. “Jason!” She declared happily upon seeing him.

“Don't worry Charlotte, I'll take care of these guys and then we can catch up!” He shouted to her. And without waiting for a reply, he pulled back and circled around behind the hoodlums car.

He felt a pang of regret as he jumped from his motorbike and landed on the back of their dingy, roofless car. Jason didn't even turn around as he heard his bike screech and skid right off the side off the road cliff.

Rest in peace loyal steed. You will not be forgotten.

Now he was really pissed off. That was his damn favorite bike, and all the adjustments he'd done to it had taken over a year to do. He attacked with a vengeance.

They hadn't even noticed him at first. Until he uppercutted one near the back right across the chin and launched him off the car. Guy would be lucky to live.

The second guy near the end followed right after him when Jason bodily picked him up with surprising strength and tossed him out of the way.

That was when things got weird. Three left, one driving the other two turned on him. The one closest pulling a black pistol and the other a switchblade.

With a quick step into his guard, Jason swiped the gun from the hoodlums hands and smacked him across the temple and knocked him out instantly. No doubt with a nasty concussion or something.

But before he could turn on the guy with the switchblade he heard a call of, “To hell with this.” And then Alfred, silver haired and dressed in his best black suit as usual came flying down from the carriage and landed a double stomp to the guys head and practically gotten flattened beneath the butler.

“Yo..Teacher..” Jason trailed off a smirk cropping at his lips.

As nonchalant as ever, Alfred adjusted his glasses, “Ah, Jason-sama we were just on our way home to meet you but as you can see these ruffians simple minds were overpowered easily by Ojou-sama's beauty.” He replied.

That was when they heard a scream from his sister. The wheel of the carriage broke off and she ended up hanging outside the door right over the cliff side.

The driver at that moment let go of the wheel and jumped up with a machete in hand. Jason ignored him, allowing Alfred to deal with him and instead ran right across the car, hood and all and bodily jumped over to his sister, using the roof to swing right behind her.

Of course, then things had to get even more annoying as the other back wheel of the carriage broke up and they were both bodily thrown into the air over the cliff.

At least it wasn't a big drop he mused.

He pulled his sister close to him and his smirk stretched as her large, barely concealed breasts pressed tightly against his chest and he got a good feel of her silky thighs as he hooked his arms around them to keep his sister protectively close to his chest.

They fell downwards, him at the bottom and the one that would take most of the impact. “So, his big sis you look as beautiful as ever.” He greeted her, smirking nonchalantly as her face flushed and they drop.

His sister, was a bit of a ditz at times so even when they were falling she hugged him tightly, “Oh Jason it's been so long.” She cried in happiness.

His face was buried in her vanilla scented hair, and then there was a painful impact against the tip of his back and his head and everything went black.


The sun was setting when he came to. And canopy of trees in the forest clearing he had landed in was bathed in an orange glow.

Surprisingly, he felt little pain at all. “Did something cushion my fall?” Jason asked. That was when he noticed the feeling of his hand grasping something and sinking into a deep, soft mound.

He turned around and a smirk stretched across his face. “There's definitely some really big cushions around here.” He chuckled as he saw his hands sinking into the flesh of his sisters large bosom. He could feel a small hard nipple even through the cloth of her top and felt blood pool in his groin.

His sister stirred, and he pulled his hand back quickly. Soon, he'd get to do it for real, but he would play it cool until then.

His sister groaned and then slowly rose, rubbing at her eyes sleepingly. And then came fully awake when she noticed him sitting beside her and smiling. “Jason!” She cried, pulling him into a tight hug.

His erection continued to grow under his jeans as he felt her soft body flush against him. God what he wouldn't do to get his sister into to be with him.

She pulled back a moment later “It's so good to see you again, I've been so excited since I heard you were moving here to enroll in my school.” Charlotte chattered excitedly.

She paused as he stood up, and then daintily offered him her hand. Jason was struck with another jolt of lust at the sight of her. Her top hung lower than earlier and her huge creamy breasts – shiny in the sunlight looked ready to burst forth and her mini-skirt had trailed up her hips and he could see the light blue of her lace panties.


He grasped her hand tightly and pulled her up gently. Smirking again as he replied, “Trust me I'm just as excited to see you sister.” He replied.

A gleam entered her deep blue eyes. And Jason remembered, despite being a bit of a ditz at times his sister was very intelligence and also 4 years older than him, “I'll bet.” She said, a smirk stretching at her own face. One of her hands trailed over the heaving slopes of her magnificent breasts drawing his attention, “Really big cushions are they? You sounded quite happy getting a grope at one of my breasts.” She told him teasingly.

Jason chuckled. There was excitement jonesing through him, he had no idea things could progress so fast. But still, despite how hot under the color he felt from her close proximation he wasn’t flustered by her teasing. “Can't blame me sis, despite my best efforts I've yet to be with a girl as beautiful or as well endowed as you.” He replied nonchalantly.

Charlotte's face flushed at the reply. And Jason really couldn't blame her, she was still a virgin and would stay that way until she was with her fiance. A duty of hers as a princess.

Good thing, he would be her fiance. That saying about Incest being the best, so put your sister to the test was oh so true. She just didn't know that father had chosen him as her fiance – and it wasn't really a big surprise because it was common for royal families to keep the bloodlines confined to the family. Only marrying outside the family every 2 or 3 generations to keep the blood from stagnating. Thankfully, their father had done so and married outside the blood with their mother. So he was free to pursue his sister.


It was a bit of a surprise for Charlotte, she would admit that. That her little brother who was only 14 had already lost his virginity and been with multiple girls if his boasting was anything to go by just there. But it wasn't shocking, her little brother was very attractive despite his age and he was a prince so he didn't have the same duties as her to preserve his virginity.

The pink haired girls throat felt dry, and her legs shaky. As siblings they'd always been close, and when they were younger her little brother had always declared that he would marry her and she was the only one for him.

And she loved her brother oh so much. Maybe more than a sister should. A year apart had did little to smolder that flame of love. Truth be told, she felt awfully jealous that some random skanks had been with her little brother. And she'd yet to hear back from her father on the petition of making her little brother her fiance.

She forced the swirling emotions back. And instead focused on the now, and attempting – and failing – to tease her brother about groping her breast. Let it never be said that she lacked the courage to follow through on her desires.

She leaned over, closer to her younger brother. Eyes glinting with playfulness, and her breasts hanging heavily almost falling from her top and then she gently struck her large hanging bosom wit the back of her hand causing them to jiggle slightly and draw his attention, “So you like big breasts then?” she asked. Standing upright again, sidling up beside him and cupping her arms under her breasts and pushing them up for his eyes only.

If he liked big breasts. Then she was the girl for him, just as they had promised oh so many years ago during their childhood. She had the biggest breasts out of all the girls she knew in her school, only Sylvie coming close to matching her completely in the size department.

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