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He was once in control of talking now Emma is in control of his breathing.
It was late at night and the lovely talented Emma Watson had just finished an interview on US Magazine. She was in a good mood, she was
humming and singing to herself, she was very satisfied with the interview, and just knew she'd be on the cover of US Magazine, she went to bed and dreamt of what it would do for her career, but all her happiness would soon change to Embarrassment and sadness. She had awoken
to hear some fan outside her door on a bull-horn shouting to the world, ''Read all about it, Emma Watson and I slept together and had sex, read all about it, it was awesome''. He was the same nerdy guy who interviewed her about US magazine, ''What, me and him slept together, what's going on. Emma asked herself as she picked up her morning paper as it said: EMMA WATSON WAS SEEN LEAVING MIKEY STOTE'S PLACE AFTER THE MIDNIGHT HOUR AND HAD A HUGE GRIN ON HER FACE. ''OH MY GOD, I AM SO PISSED OFF, THIS NEVER HAPPENED, WHY THE NERVE OF THAT LITTLE NERDY LOSER''. she was furious as she should be, after all some less than average loser spreading rumors that he had sex with the rich and famous Emma Watson, it was absurd. As the nerdy loser Mikey was still shouting how he got laid with a celebrity, Emma decided he would pay dearly for trying to ruin her career and reputation. ''That's it I'm going to take care of little Mikey personally, Emma Watson said as she stomped out of the house to where Mikey was, ''READ ALL ABOUT IT EMMA WATSON AND I SLEMMMPTTTPHHH'', was all he got to as Emma walked up behind him and placed her hand over his mouth, ''SHUT UP YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE, HOW DARE YOU MAKE A RUMOR LIKE THIS, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???!!! SHE ASKED HIM, ''hmmmmppphhhh mmmmppphhhh'' little Mikey muffled as his mouth is still being covered by the hand of Emma Watson. he tried to break free, but her grip was much too strong for him at his size, he was only about 90 pounds while Emma Watson was around 120 or so. ''Keep squirming you no good loser, but you're not going anywhere she said as a smirk spread across her gorgeous face, you will pay for what you did and because of your big mouth, you wont be talking for quite a while'' and she was right, ''mmmmmmpppphhhhhh mmmmphhhheeeee'' poor Mikey was trying to say he was sorry and it wouldn't happen again, but to no avail, he was simply to weak to break free, she pulled him into an alley, where no one was around and continued to hand smother him, ''So little Mikey. is this how you make a living by being a jerk to beautiful celebrities like me'' she asked him, ''nooommpphhhh mmmmppphaaaaweeeee mmmppp'' was his response because Emma's lovely hand was still firmly over his mouth like duct tape. ''I'm sorry I don't understand what you are saying. you are going to have to speak English when I ask you a question you better answer, do you understand me little Mikey''? ''mmmmmmmpphhhhhh mmmmmhhuuuummmppphhh'' he muffled into her hand, ''Such a shame somehow you can spread a vicious rumor about me, but you can't even speak properly, your such a loser, everyone knows a guy like you could never have a perfect actress such as myself, hahaha'' Emma teased him. She had been handsmothering him for nearly an hour now, but she was just getting started, he would pay dearly, she knew he wouldnt make it out of that alley alive, she was in complete control of the situation. ''mpppphhhh mnnnpphhhhhh mpppheee'' little Mikey muffled into Emma's hand, he wanted to leave and get away, but that wasnt going to happen, ''What on Earth do you want now, your still trying to talk, well too bad, your big mouth got you into this predicament and your big mouth will be smothered to death, hahahaha'' she scoffed, she was really enjoying this torment of this loser Mikey, and she should enjoy it to the end, ''MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOMPPPPPPPHHHHHHEEEEEEE MMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHH'' He went into hysterics and kicked and struggled trying to get her hand off his mouth, but to no avail, he even knocked over some trash cans in the process, but he wasnt going anywhere. ''HAHAHA stupid little Mikey you should know by now, I'm much stronger than you, you're not going to break free, you will die smothered by my hand, all because of your big mouth'' she laughed, his struggles began to weaken and he settled down so Emma Watson decided to ask him once more what his idea was on the sex rumor, ''So little Mikey I'm going to ask you again and I expect a straight answer, what were you thinking when you spread this rumor and made headlines, did you think you'd get away with it''? ''mpphhh mphhhhwaaa nooovvvepprrrrr'' was his answer as he was being hand smothered for 2 hours now, ''Wrong answer, I thought I made it clear that you are to speak english and properly as I ask you these questions, I'll give you one more chance, WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO''? she shouted this time. ''mmmmphhhh mmmppphhhh hummmm humm hummm mmmphhhh'', he cried against the smooth hand over his mouth, ''what the matter cat got you tongue'' Emma laughingly asked him, ''MMMMPHHHH MMPPPPHHHH MMMMMPPPHHPPHH'' he muffled louder. '' I'm sorry, but I cant understand your language, what re you trying to tell me'' as she kept her hand over his mouth for over 2 hours now just for fun, she was still far from finished. ''MMMMPPPPP MMMPHHH MPPPHHHH HUMMMMPHHH PPPEEEEMMMMPHHHHH'' he cried trying desperately to talk right, but for some reason he just couldn't, not with her hand over his mouth. ''hmmm still don't understand you I guess your mouth isnt nearly as big with my hand over it is it'' ''mmmphhh mmphhh mmmmphhhh mmmmphhhh'' ''OK IV'E HAD ENOUGH IF YOU DON'T ANSWER ME PROPERLY RIGHT NOW I WILL USE BOTH MY HANDS TO SMOTHER YOU TO DEATH, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, DID YOU THINK YOU'D GET AWATY WITH IT YOU LITTLE NERDY LOSER HUH DID YA HUH????!!!!'' she angrily asked ''MMMMPHHHH MMMMPHHHH MMMPHHHAAAWEEE MPHAAWEEEEEE'' Mikey muffled and cried. ''Ok well I warned you, now you must die, say hello to my other hand little Mikey'', his eyes went wide as her other hand was about to meet his face, and he was about to meet his doom, he was terrified and outpowered all he could think about was how sorry he truly was and if shed only tooken her hand off his face he could tell her that, but it was too late it was his own fault anyway, now he must die, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMPPPHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHWEEEEEEEEEEEE PWWEEEEEEEEEEEE PWEEEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOOOPMMMMMHHHH, he went into hysterics and struggled for his life panicking and thrashing about trying to somehow get free, but it was no use, as Emma Watson was now smothering him with both hands, she looked at his terrified eyes and beet red face and a huge evil grin spread across her face, she loved this power and control, she was smothering him, and never needed to say a word, he saw the look on her face the whole time she was pleased, she was grinning evily the entire smother session, ''NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHH PWEEEEEEEEEEEE PWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MMMPPHWEEEEE NOOOMPPHH''
he was still struggling to free himself of her vice grip hands over his mouth and nose, but it wasnt possible he was doomed. Emma Watson was still grinning evily as she knew he'd be dead in no time, ''mmphhhh nnoooomphhh mpphhhh mmppphweeee pweee'' his struggles and muffles grew weaker and weaker, ''that's right just die die poor poor little Mikey, never to speak again'' Emma whispered in his ear as his eyes finally shut tight and he stopped breahthing, he was dead. Little Mikey was dead never to embarrass or try to spread rumors again, noone would give him a second thought. Never mess with Emma Watson, she's very beautiful, powerful, and rich, noone can touch her she's better than everyone, especially some big mouth fan-THE END.
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