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The life of a young boy who moves to a new town.
I know this is weird, And awkward. And I'm gonna tell you the biggest secret of my life. Okay here it goes; I'm a guy writing a journal. I know I know you must think this is very stupid and I would have to agree. But I'm doing this because I hope to be a legend. I want to be a hero. And I'm also not like Greg Heffley or Nikki. My mom didn't make me write this or buy it for me. I'm writing this journal because I want too. And record all the awesome things that happen to me in my life. And also probably some really un-cool, un-awesome things I will probably write about too. So here it goes. I'm gonna start telling you my A-okay-life. First of all it's not all A-okay. My parents split up again and trust me this time it wasn't pretty how it all happened. I guess I'll tell you how it happened. One evening my dad came home from where every he was. I was somewhere but I can't remember. All I saw was my dad bending down and unlacing his shoes. When he walked past me into the kitchen I could smell a whiff of cologne. A kind he'd only where if he was going somewhere special or fancy. But lately he was wearing it allot. And I knew where he was going every evening or night. Not always to his work at the logger's inn. He was going out every night to the bar or casino downtown. And I swear when he walked past me I could smell women perfume on him. I thought I was going crazy or something but it was true. He had the smell of another woman on him, not just my mom. As soon as my dad stepped foot into the kitchen where my mom was working on preparing supper, I could sense a tense and hard feeling. That was passing all between us. I hated feeling that feeling. "Hey daddy!" said my little sister about 2 years younger than I was. Her happiness gave me a better feeling than I just had moments ago. My dad bent down and hugged her. Her eyes were gleaming with happiness to her dad back. But deep down inside of me I wasn't happy to see him at all. Infact most of the time I hated seeing him. My mom was the same way. "Hi, Lewis." My dad said to me. I didn't respond, but I gave him a quick smile. I always hated faking the smile. But I had too. It was like the only way I could actually respond to his "Hi, Lewis". Then my dad tried to put his arm around me and hug me. I let him. But I didn't like it. In fact not one bit. Then witch seemed like forever the hug finally ended. "Dinner is ready kids." My mom exclaimed. I rushed to table trying to get my favourite seat. But I was too late. Autrina beat me to it. My sister could be so annoying some days , I thought then sat down in the other chair closets to the patio door. Autrina gave me sly grin then shrugged her shoulders back into her chair. Then I gave her back my your-so-dumb look and then looked away. But I caught Autrina looking at me in the corner of my eye. She was being really annoying by staring at me. So then I looked back at her and stared right back, then all of a sudden I made the most screwed up face I could at her and then wolfed down my supper. Autrina just then stopped staring. When I finished eating Autrina looked at me and said, "You eat like a pig!" Then I ignored that comment for a moment then retorted back, "So you eat so slow you eat like a snail!" "Lewis! Stop. You're older so act more mature." My mom told me.
"But, but" I stammered trying to defend myself, "She started it!". Then I handed my mom back my plate and put my fingers through my medium curly hair. And headed off back to my room. And since then I can't really remember what happened All I remember is that My mom started calling my name in vain and yelling to phone 9-11 and I did. They kept me on the phone for at least 7 minutes. Then the cops and asked a few questions then stayed with my mom. They asked her a few questions about the situation. My mom answered them with tears in her eyes. I felt angry and hurt. My dad scared me. Infact he scared me so much some days I didn't even want to touch him. But this time it was worse. I didn't even want to look at him, see him, talk or nothing. I was even ashamed to know him. My own dad who's suppost to be my hero, wasn't. My mom said that my dad was wrestling her in the bathroom with the door locked. And my dad says that they were just playing around. But I don't believe that. Like why would you be play fighting in a bathroom with the door locked?! And after I phoned 9-11 I ran down stairs to Autrina and stayed there till some of the police left. But Autrina wanted to see Trom. Her dad. She did she saw him leaving in a police car. Then Autrina just cried. I know she didn't want to see her dad like that. And I didn't either. But what happened, happened. And that night I didn't have a good sleep. I kept having bad night mares. And that night made everything change. We were on a new chapter in life. A new one. Not re-living the past again.
October 26 2010
Today at school my best-buddy, Mel and I hung-out. We played four-square. A few other kids joined too. So I was passed the four-square ball and I did a side swipe with it. Till the king of the four-square game said as soon as I swiped him, "Lewis, you're not aloud side swipes!" I just ignored the comment and pretended it didn't happen. Well Jack sure didn't seem to want to pretend that I did a side swipe on him. Instead of ignoring what I did, Jack says "Hey, Lewis did you hear me? You're out, you did a side swipe." "Well I didn't know. You just quickly said that because you want me out of the game!" I answered back annoyed and rolled my eyes at Jack. So I just walked to the back of the line and whispered to Mel, "Jack is such a retard!". Then Mel and I just laughed. Mel wasn't the tallest guy around but he sure could kick a soccer ball and play basketball. Mel had brown hair and brown eyes. A little bit of a stomach but that's okay because He's a great friend. Finally the teacher blew the whistle and all the kids ran inside of the school. As I looked around I saw rosy cheeks and joyful faces. Luke pushed me in the hallway then chuckled and looked at Lila. A tall girl with nice blue shiny eyes. I saw what she was wearing and quickly smiled at her then went to my locker and removed my jacket. Luke followed me to my locker. "She looks good today." Luke told me. But I didn't answer. I was too busy unpacking my home work for Mr.Corz class next. Then Luke bumped me in the shoulder and then said "Lewis catch ya later." Then he went back into class. Bio, I don't know why he's so obsessed with her! I thought. Then laughed under my breath. "Lewis hurry up! Your making us all wait for you, Mr.Corz said to me then motioned me to come. I quickly gathered some home work and books for his class then came. I sat beside Lila, The girl Luke liked. When I sat down Lila winked at me then told me what I had missed. She gave me another wink then we started to listen to Mr.Corz. The class quickly ended. I then blanked. I can't remember if I had science or P.E next. Well whatever.
October.27, 2010          
I had the most humiliating thing happen to me today in French class today. Well I was sitting normally and minding my own business till randomly Scott said aloud, "Lewis doesn't French very well!" And the whole class laughed. Bio I wanted to go back there to Scott and give him some of his own medicine but a little more physical like. He almost made my head explode with anger and hated words. But then Mr.Belas shot back at Scott and said, "Scott, like you know French any better than Lewis does." Then Mr.Belas folded his arms across his chest and gave Scott a sly grin and then continued on with French class. I noticed that I wasn't the center of attention any more. Joel was. A tall boy who loved star wars and ate lintels and rice every day. Joel was lightly chewing on a piece of paper. And looking around and wondering why everybody was staring at him. Well; I thought to myself, it isn't normal to be nibbling on a piece of paper in the almost-finished-French-class now is it?
Ocotber28 2010
Wow, dude got to tell ya, If everybody is gonna make fun of you Just because of your favourite singer..... They are major LOSERS. So Acen asked me, "Hey Lewis Whose your favourite singer?" So I answered truthfully and said, "Adam Lambert and Bruno Mars."And after I said that everybody laughed. But I don't know why they did. Adam Lambert has a talent doesn't he?! And so does Bruno Mars?! Well I know it sounds like I have a bad temper but I don't. It is just people can be so rude and stupid! And that's why I try not to give a crap!
But hears a perk for the day you know the girl Luke likes? Well I think she likes me. And for some reason I don't why I'm talking about girls. Well I guess I can because I can. And I'm a guy. So I guess it's not really weird. LOL ?! Well that's enough for now.

October29 2010
I have a paper route I make my own money right? Well Since There's this bully on the street that I'm doing. So I was listening to my Ipod touch and he comes up to me and says "hey Lewis, at the end of the month I need your pay." So then I'm like thinking go work for your own money, fat-donkey. So Brice nudges my shoulder hard. And he's like, "did you hear me, nube?"So then I answer, "No, Go make your own money!" Then I go ahead walking. Then Brice shouts after me, "You'll be sorry, you little fool!" And he finally leaves me alone. And then I go back listening to my IPod and listened to 21 guns by Greenday.
At the dinner table Autrina was in my favourite spot just waiting for me to yell at her something. But instead I just glared at her and mouthed to her you little dimwit, that's my spot. And she just mouthed back what? Then stuck her nose into air and said "mom! Lewis is being dumb!" Then I said "mom! Autrina is being a brat!" Mom just looked at two and said "kids! Mom is busy!" then went back to buttering more toast for dinner. I picked up my spoon and wolfed down my macaroni and cheese. Autrina made a quick remark about my fast eating. But this time she said "all you need is a pig nose and a snort, then that proves you're a pig .Oh wait I forgot you are a pig!" Then she laughed. I just said "so all you need is slime on your face and body then you're a snail!" And then I did a sarcastic laugh and handed m plate to mom and she put in the dishwasher. "Thank-you mom" I said to her than headed to my bedroom.
October 30 2010
I really don't know why everybody was staring at me today in science class. So I and everybody else get are science text books. Till I notice in the corner of my eye Scott and Luke throwing papers at me. Snickering and laughing a bit everyone in the class finally drew their attention to Mr. Axe our science teacher. How amusing is he. Not much. On the other hand of the day, Autrina gets to be grounded because she made a big temper-tantrum and threw an orange at mom. Boi, is she in a heap of trouble. And I'm glad she is in trouble! That little brat deserves it sometimes. Ha!Ha! Autrina in your little girly face!
October.31, 2010
So tonight was Halloween. I dressed up as skeleton and Autrina dressed up as a sparkly fairy. Girls. Always wanting to be so glitzy. Why can't some girls just be normal. Like for example my friend
Sara went as a black cat and that's pretty normal. For a girl. Now back to me. So mom drove Autrina and I so WestSide Community. Mom made me stay with Autrina and hold her hand plus take her to every house I went to. You know how embarrassing that was?! Well I can you; my guy friends were there Mat, Collin, and Jackson. They were all dressed as star wars characters. Collin was dressed a dark Vader. Mat was dressed as Luke Skywalkers and Jackson was dressed as R2D2. To me his costume was failed. It actually looked like princess Laya crossed with green yoda. There was no R2D2 resemblance at all.I tried to hide my face from them while I was walking my sister to a house but as usual my plans don't work and Jackson, Collin and Mat saw me. They pointed their little stubby fingers and laughed at me. Well I would have to agree with them. A skeleton and a shiny fairy must be a funny sight to see. I just ignored them. I kept trying to walk the opposite direction of them but Autrina was tugging on me saying, "Lewwie, over here!" And then tugged at my skeleton suit. And you just cant believe what happened next when Autrina tugged on my suit... It
RIPPED!!! Isn't that just wrong?! I know. A simple little tug wrecked my WHOLE costume. And to make that worse I was wearing hot pink Speedo bathing suit under wear. That was all I had to wear because ALL my under wear was in the wash, and knowing mom she was busy so she had no time to do wash. That's why I was wearing Speedos. Jackson, Collin and Mat just burst out laughing. So did everyone else, in as people I didn't know. Pictures were taken and I even heard one guy say that he was gonna put it on the internet. These teenage girls just held their mouths and laughed. Can you even think about me though all this?! I bet not. My face I could feel was turning bright red, Then I grabbed Autrina and made a run for my grandma's house just around the bend. But as I ran even more people were watching. This lady even told her little child, Jimmy, to close his eyes, As I dashed by. When I got to Grandmas I knocked on the door really loud. I heard footsteps and then saw the door opening and scrurried in. Grandpa had answered the door. He looked tired and flushed. "Lewis, Autrina Great to see you! But you come on such short notice?" Said Grandpa. "Well Grandpa I had an accident." I answered. "I see." Replied Grandpa. Autrina looked at me and laughed.

Never to be continued...

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