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Remember when you were young, and you couldn't so much as walk down the hallway without the safety of a light? The monsters would get you if you dared set foot in the shadows of the house. You got older but you still couldn't help running to the next room when the light wasn't on, the lingering feeling that something was behind you made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Then we grew up and we accepted the fact that "monsters are not real." We put away the safety blanket and our stuffed guardians to accept the darker realities of the world. We never forgot our fear of the dark. You walk through your house at night and the hairs on your neck stand up all the same. See that pair of eyes in the corner? They arent really there are they? The feeling something is watching you is just you being paranoid, right? That noise in the hallway? Creaking floorboards, there is nothing out there. That shadow that just moved across the edge of your vision? Probably a tree moving in the wind.

We all think this way. When we grew up we never really lost our fear of the dark. We just learned how to control it, to supress the paralysing feeling when we come across what really lives in the darkness. So next time you tell yourself it isnt real? Check again and look closely. There's a reason you cant see it again. Whatever it is, it's hiding from you. It's scared of you. It takes a monster to see a monster. They live inside us too.
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