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Remembering the Kokoda Campaign of WW2 in Papua New Guinea
They stand stark in tropical sunlight
But a glow comes from every one.
Each marks the final resting place
Of a father, brother , or son.

They fought as only heroes  fight
For their country and their King
No one knew the dangers they'd face
Nor the heartbreak those battles would bring.

They came from ordinary families
From countries some near,  some far
They were fighting for their birthright
To remain as free as they are

The lie of the land was uncharted
Thick jungle, steep hills everywhere
They didn't know where the enemy was
'Till  gunshots showed they were there

Some died where they stood, unknowing,
Some,  infected, died  slower with pain
Some were patched up quite quickly
And sent in to battle again.

All the Hospitals down at Port Moresby
Did miracles with those in their care
And those Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels
Retreived wounded as fast as they dare.

From the mud and slush in the jungle
With the murderous tropical heat
They manually carried the wounded out
That was a truly amazing feat.

Now all that is left are the memories
Of those who fought there and died
So spare a  thought for their loved ones
An ocean of tears they have cried.

The markers still stand in the sunlight
Each one names some mother's son
It must be time to stop fighting
All battles can never be won.

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