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by Laura
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A few chapters from my latest novel.

What the hell is going on? Mac was suddenly woken from his apparent nap on the sofa by the noise of a scuffle outside. It probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing had his men managed to detain the offender before they actually reached his door. Mac sighed and rubbed his eyes whilst getting to his feet. The incessant yelling at his men by a woman was beginning to grate on him. What on earth did he pay them for? He tore open the door in anger but the sight before him froze every muscle in his already tense body. Scarlet hunched over; leaning heavily against the doorframe, her long dark hair a mess, her eyes bloodshot and sunken, and her usually beautiful mouth twisted in a painful smile.

“I knew you’d be happy to see me.” Her words struggled to form and were followed by groan she tried desperately to keep in. His eyes shot to his men, did they do this? They shook their heads understanding the heavy implication in his glare.

“Call off your dogs.” She slid down the door frame as her knees weakened beneath her; Mac stepped forward and caught her before she hit the floor.

“We’re sorry Mac; she’s stronger than she looks.” Eddie looked sheepish as he avoided his boss’s piercing stare but Mac wasn’t looking at the failure of his men, he was taking in the blood on their hands and clothes. He looked down at Scarlet then back to them.

“No more unwanted guests tonight.” His tone was calm and hid the anger pulsing through his veins. Eddie and Steve nodded and shuffled off like scorned children. Mac watched them for a moment before pulling Scarlet closer towards him and closing the door.

Scarlet tried to push away, the last thing she wanted was to be dependent on him. Their relationship was glued together with a mutual respect and hate with the occasional animalistic primal fuck thrown in for good measure. He was not a man she had any intention of ever owing a favour or asking for help but as her legs gave out beneath her with a sickening groan she knew he was the only one that could get her out of this mess. Her vision swam as red began to fuzz the edges of her world. Her hand gripped his shirt tightly, pulling it down and revealing a hint of his tanned muscled chest. He was an asshole but he was a fucking god in the looks department. The spinning intensified as Scarlet went limp in his arms.

“Fuck.” Mac snaked an arm under her legs and lifted her towards him. Her eye lids fluttered as she tried to hold on to consciousness.

“Fuck.” She murmured before her head dropped back. Mac carried her to his bathroom and carefully placed her on the floor of the shower room. He turned the cold tap on and stood hands on hips surveying the cold water spraying Scarlet’s limp body waiting for a reaction. His fingers tensed as panic began to prickle his skin; she should be awake by now. The cold should have shocked her into coming around unless this was more serious. His eyes flicked to the red water swirling down the drain. Common sense told him it probably wasn’t that bad, blood always looked worse in water but it should have eased off by now.

Mac stepped into the water and knelt down beside her; he turned her head towards him and rested the back of his hand against her lips. Relief flooded him as her breath tickled his skin but it was short lived as her hand shot up and her fingers wrapped around his neck. Her eyes opened and scanned her surroundings before finally settling on Mac’s steely glare. Her fingers itched to squeeze tighter and after a few failed attempts to relax her hand she finally managed to loosen her grip. Scarlet’s fingers softly grazed against the day old stubble causing Mac’s heart to beat faster as his cock twitched threatening to join in the commotion. He silently prayed his body wouldn’t betray his mind, yeah he wanted to fuck Scarlet but that didn’t mean he liked her.

“Where are you cut?” Mac’s voice brought Scarlet out of her x-rated daydream; her fingers traced his Adam’s apple before finally letting go. She laughed; even she didn’t know where she was bleeding from. Her laughter turned to sobs as the pain set in, the reality of her situation tore a gaping hole in her soul and she almost prayed she’d bleed out and die rather than accept help from this man.

Mac watched as Scarlet sobbed, it was an angry cry mostly. A cry of someone who’d lost everything and cursed the fact they were alive. A cry that hit his heart with such force it almost knocked the air out of him. Before he could stop himself he had gathered her into his arms and held her close. What the fuck was he doing? It took all his strength not to launch her away from him in a fit of disgust. After a few moments, she calmed and pulled away from him. Their cold eyes met as both battled against love and hate, lust and anger, want and need.

“What happened? And why the fuck did you come here?” Mac couldn’t keep the rage from reaching his voice. A nasty bitter half laugh escaped from Scarlet as she pulled her top over her head. Mac’s eyes flicked to her perfect breasts before taking in the state of her.

“Let’s just say there’s someone out there that hates me more than you do.” Her eyes fixed on his before she checked herself over for wounds. A three inch gash in her side appeared to be the culprit for most of the blood. Mac got to his feet and held out a hand to help Scarlet up, she took hold but struggled to get to her feet. She swore under her breath as her legs shook and she fell onto her knees, her face launched forward and connected with one of the only parts of him she actually liked. Her hands instinctively went out to protect her face and ended up gripping his thighs. Looking down at Scarlet on her knees in front of him, all wet and wounded made his cock twitch and worryingly his heart swell.

“While you’re down there-” He smirked and cockily reached for his belt, mostly to cover up the endearing feelings that were starting to swallow the anger he felt towards her. Whatever was going on in his head was just a phase; he couldn’t possibly have feelings for this skank of a woman kneeling before him. Even if her deep blue eyes darkened to almost purple when he fucked her, and even if her body fitted his so perfectly that he’d never cum as hard as he had with her. No, none of that mattered, it was lust, pure unadulterated primal need and definitely not love.

The thought of teasing Mac’s cock till he lost control was pretty appealing to Scarlet right now. He’d fuck the pain away and the memories even if it was just for a little while but then the anger would replace the love that had shone through his eyes when they connected and she couldn’t take the rejection right now. She grabbed hold of the hand reaching for the belt, she knew he was teasing her anyway, no-one that looked that relieved to see her wake up could be that fucking heartless. He brushed her fingers aside and bent down, his lips dangerously close to hers, his eyes staring into the depths of her soul, if only he could see the deep dark secret feelings it held towards him. His hands gripped under her arms,

“Ready?” His voice unusually calm and almost caring. He always had a knack of keeping his tone annoyingly even when talking to those around him but he could never hide his anger or annoyance around her, she brought out the animal in him. She nodded and attempted to get to her feet again. Her body pressed weakly against his as he held her up, his power pulling her in closer and his hardness causing her skin to tingle. His fingers danced on her skin as his strong hands held her in place.

“Mac?” Scarlet’s weak pain filled voice stopped Mac in his tracks; her body heavily slumped against him, shaking and clammy. Fuck, he lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at her eyes. Unfocused staring off at something in the distance. Her skin had paled and her breathing shallowed.

“Come on baby, don’t you dare fucking give up.” He couldn’t keep the desperation from his voice; her eyes fixed on him for a moment before she pulled away quickly and bent over to throw up. Mac kept an arm around her to keep her from falling down whilst turning off the shower.

Scarlet’s head rested against his shoulder as he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them quickly off her shaking legs chucking the sopping denim across the bathroom in rage. He grabbed a towel and pressed it against her side wound and picked her up. Her arms clung to his neck as she nuzzled into his chest, incoherent babble escaping her every so often. Mac placed her in the middle of his bed and wrapped the covers around her whilst rubbing her arms.

“Come on baby, time to wake up and carry on fucking up my life.” He was tempted to shake her, to angrily shout in her face, asking her why she came here. But she looked so damn innocent, so perfect that he just couldn’t bring himself to be mad at her. In that moment he could almost forget the intense anger he almost always felt towards her, the trouble she always seemed to bring his way, the way she got under his skin by simply breathing. God this woman would be the death of him even if she did make him feel more alive than he ever had. Her body shook as he pressed against the wound,

“Scarlet?” He brushed some hair out of her face, his voice so quiet, so caring she almost didn’t believe she’d heard it. Slowly her senses began to return, she was in pain; that was the first thing to come back. Her eyes flew open and she groaned in agony, trying to pry his hand away from her wound but he kept his pressure firm.

Mac reached across her, opened the draw of his bedside table and pulled out a small medicine bottle. Scarlet watched as he expertly opened the bottle with one hand and then tipped a few in his palm before putting the bottle away and picking up a bottle of water.

“These will take the edge off.” He held out his hand and patiently waited for Scarlet to pick her battle and decide if she wanted to trust him enough not to poison her.

“I thought you’d enjoy seeing me in pain.” She took the pills and swallowed them down, Mac watched the way her throat moved, his cock twitching at the memory of brutally fucking her throat. He dragged his eyes away and looked into hers, relieved to see the life beginning to shine back through them.

“Oh you have no idea sweetheart.” His voice was low and Scarlet almost melted into him until he upped his pressure causing her to flinch and scream out. Bastard. He took hold of her hand and pressed it over the towel before leaving the room. Scarlet looked around, she’d never been in his bedroom before. It wasn’t at all what she expected; she figured he went for torture devices and chains not the calm mint walls or the white linen that presented itself to her. This was his sanctuary, the only place not to be tainted with the disgusting, disturbing criminal life he lead. Somewhere he could go and be a normal human being for once in his life.

“Don’t get too comfy. You’re not staying.” His cold words brought Scarlet back to reality.

“Then stitch me up and send me on my way.” She forced a smirk and turned her eyes back to the ceiling.

“This will hurt.” Mac almost let his composure slip as concern desperately tried to rear its ugly head. It had no place here. Whatever had happened to Scarlet was nothing to do with him, hell she was lucky he even bothered to help her let alone stitch her back together.


Mac sat in the white wicker chair and stared at the naked body sleeping in his bed. He shouldn’t have let her in; this was none of his business and whatever trouble she was in, she needed to get herself back out of. He didn’t even like the damn woman; sure he could appreciate her long toned legs, her curves and her tiny waist. Christ, her body was probably the most perfect he had ever seen and he’d seen a fair few but she was reckless, she was crazy and impulsive. He worked on keeping his emotions out of the picture, he had a polished, well planned and unnervingly calm exterior and then she came along. She made him loose his cool and the image he presented; she released the beast he kept caged. He needed to burn those sheets; it was one thing to fuck a whore with your hand around her neck pressed up against the wall but another to let her into your bed. He raked his hand through his hair and leant forward resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. She wasn’t a whore. He sighed and took in the paleness of her usually glowing skin, the bruises tainting her body and the blood that covered his once pristine sheets.

He had no idea how long he sat watching Scarlet sleep; it had felt right to watch over her until his phone vibrating woke him from his pathetic state. He stepped across the room towards the bedside table and picked it up.

“This had better be important.” He snarled, regretting the anger seething through his voice. He took a breath then looked down at Scarlet.

“Hey son, I’m a block over with some time to kill. I noticed your men in your building earlier, are you still home?” A muscle worked in Mac’s jaw and he clenched it shut to stop him from insulting the one man in this god forsaken world that didn’t fear him. Jack had been his mentor, his boss for a little while till Mac decided to break free. Jack pretty much ran the streets and no-one said no to Jack. Just because Jack was asking a question didn’t mean he didn’t already know the answer.

“Just got back from some business. Are you heading over?” he forced a cheerful tone and gently touched Scarlet’s cheek; she was hot but no longer clammy.

“Yeah buddy. We need a catch up and I’m between appointments. See you in five.” Jack disconnected.

Scarlet stirred and opened her eyes to find Mac looking down at her, she couldn’t read his expression. He turned his attention to his phone and dialled whilst flipping back the sheets and exposing her body to him. His eyes drank her nakedness in for a moment before he touched her hip and motioned her to roll over a little so he could check her wound.

“Eddie, tell me the hallways been cleaned and no one saw our little visitor earlier?” he spoke into the phone whilst peeling back the padding. Scarlet flinched in pain and his eyes flicked to hers, with what she could almost guess was concern. Christ she really must be ill if she thinks he’s looking at her with anything other than annoyance. He’d made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her, the fact he cleaned her up and let her carry on sleeping in his bed after she passed out from the pain of him putting her back together, was a complete and utter miracle.

“Good job. Thanks. Just stall him for a few then send him up.” Mac hung up, slipped the phone in his pocket then turned his full attention to Scarlet’s wound, he covered it back over then moved his knee between her legs and leant down over her. Her nipples hardened as the fabric from his shirt brushed against them. His hands placed either side of her head and his mouth too close to her skin.

“If you know what’s best for you, you will stay in here and keep quiet.” His breath tickled her skin and sent shockwaves of desire straight through her body. Unwillingly her body arched into him, a low growl escaped him as he stilled, trying to compose himself. She pressed her lips softly to his cheek and murmured thank you. A shiver ran through his body as he tried to fight against his desires. Before he could stop himself, his lips had found hers for the first time. He groaned inwardly at how soft they were, how sweet she tasted and how good it felt. He swallowed her moan and pressed his body closer against hers. God he needed her, no, that wasn’t right. He didn’t need her; for once he actually really wanted her. The sound of knocking at the front door was all it took for reality to sink in. For Mac to realise exactly who he was kissing so tenderly, Scarlet expected a fight or a look of disgust but got neither. He just kissed her forehead and left. Her eyes drifted closed as her temperature spiked, it was a beautiful dream.

The two men greeted each other like old friends, neither willing to feed the mutual fear that one could easily kill the other. Friends don’t really exist the higher up you get in the food chain. Mac guided the old man towards the sofas, not that Jack was really old, he was pushing sixty but looked forty at most.

“Can I get you a drink?” Mac walked over the bar and pulled out two glasses, knowing Jack wouldn’t say no.

“Usual please son. I can’t stop long.” Jack smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes, it never did. Mac poured the top shelf scotch and brought the glasses over.

“Shall we cut the bullshit Jack, and you just tell me why your here?” Mac smiled and sipped his drink. Jack laughed and patted him on the knee,

“Always were a mouthy little runt.” He wiped his eyes and shook his head, “Do I need a reason to see my protégé? I have no motive my boy. I just wanted to check in and see how things are going. I haven’t seen you since the Easter ball. Who was your date again?” Jack very well knew Scarlet had been Mac’s date, not out of pleasure mind you. Mac kept his face impassive as Jack continued to guess.

“Scarlet, oh yes Ms. Con artiste herself. Tell me, do you still see her?” he paused to see Mac shake his head and shrug, “That girl is going down the wrong path, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned up dead in the gutter like the filthy cheating bitch she is.” Jacks words were offered in humour but he eyes showed real anger. For a moment Mac thought it was all over, Jack was obviously looking for Scarlet and knew she was here but he continued to sip his drink and make small talk.

Mac had almost relaxed when he heard it. A moan. No mistaking the sound, a very definite moan of pleasure or pain it didn’t matter. The game was up. Jack glanced towards the shut bedroom door then surveyed Mac, he was dishevelled, hair sticking up and clothes rumpled. Not at all the neatly put together man he usually was.

“Shit Mac, why didn’t you say you had company? Sounds like she’s starting the show without you.” Jack grinned as another moan filled the air. It took all of Mac’s strength not to show his relief. Instead he grinned lazily and stood; Jack followed his lead and headed towards the door with him.

“Well I thought she could cope a little while without me, clearly I was wrong. I think I should get back to her before I don’t get to join in at all.” He slapped the old man on the back and they shared a hug more of a father and son then master and pupil.

“Get back in there my boy. Do me proud. I’ll catch up with you soon and please for goodness sake come to dinner one night, Janet misses you.” Jack’s face softened a little at the mention of his wife’s name, not that he was ever faithful. Mac smiled a genuine smile as he remembered being taken in by Jack and Janet when he was a scrawny little boy with no one and nothing. He loved Janet as if she really was his mother and so promised to come for dinner, he’d do anything for that woman. He watched Jack enter the lift and the numbers count down before shutting the door with a great deal of restraint.

Anger coursed through his veins as he chastised himself for ever letting her stay, for kissing her, for thinking he could actually trust her. She had two instructions to follow, it wasn’t exactly hard and what the hell was she moaning for? Didn’t she get he was still trying to keep her safe? Well not anymore, fuck that. She was on her own. He’d kick her out right now and not give it a second thought. He almost took the door off its hinges with the force from opening it; he barely registered anything as a red mist flooded his vision and suddenly the sheets. Mac stopped dead trying to focus on what he was seeing. Scarlet’s body slick with sweat, her eyes closed but her brow furrowed as moans and odd words escaped. Her hands gripped the sheets as she shook and thrashed. The dressing soaked through with blood which seeped into the sheets. He almost threw up at the shock of seeing her in such a state, it had barely been twenty minutes since she’d kissed him back, yeah she’d been hot but she was coherent, wasn’t she?

Mac ripped the sheets from the bed and grabbed another dressing whilst lowering the air con; he hoped she only had a fever. There wasn’t a chance in hell he could call a contact; everyone knew Jack and he just couldn’t risk it. He straddled her hips in an attempt to stop her moving so much and pressed the dressing to the wound and taped it down tightly. She cried out in pain and bucked against him. An expression of fear crossed her face as she battled a monster he couldn’t see. Her hand made sharp contact with his face. He gripped her wrists tight and fought the urge to panic. He’d never see her like this, hell he’d never seen anyone like this. She was hot, she needed to cool down. Mac stood and ran into the adjoining bathroom and filled the bath with cool water.

“Scarlet?” he brushed some hair from her face as she stirred, “Baby, we need to cool you down.” He didn’t really know why he was talking to her or calling her baby. She wasn’t his, hell he didn’t even actually care about her. He lifted her from the bed, her arms found his neck and he felt her breathe him in. God, she was driving him nuts and she wasn’t even sane enough to know it. He placed her gently in the bath then watched her slip under, Christ she couldn’t even stop herself from drowning. He pulled her back to the surface whilst kicking off his jeans and pulling off his t-shirt. He’d fuck her in the ass for putting him through this later. He climbed in behind her and shivered as the cool water lowered his temperature but as soon as he leant Scarlet’s back against his chest, he warmed up. The amount of heat she was giving off was astounding. He ran a sponge over her face and squeezed the cool water over her head.

Scarlet moaned again but this time it sounded more familiar. Her eyes closed as her head fell back onto his shoulder; he looked down and saw her hand between her legs. His cock stiffened despite his best efforts and only got harder when she moaned his name. He’d never heard her moan it, sure he’d made her scream it before but this was different. This wasn’t hardcore fucking to cum this was intimate, this was sharing and this was too much. He gripped her hand gently and moved her fingers away. She moaned in protest

“Trust me, you’ll thank me later.” He kissed her just above her ear as she settled down. Her body stopped fighting and her dreams became mostly silent. He’d almost drifted off until her felt her jolt awake,

“What the hell?” her weak voice thick with confusion.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.” He groaned and ran a hand over his tired face whilst pushing her gently forward so he could get out, turning back just in time to stop her head from bouncing off the edge of the bath. “Or not.” He shook his head, lifted her out of the bath and carried her back to the bed. It was going to be a very long night and he wasn’t even sure he was going to make it through without killing her or professing some love for her that he didn’t even know existed.


Night had set in bringing with it the dark calm before the storm, before the thoughts of the day festered in Mac’s mind and twisted in his blackened soul. Always on the brink of sleep but his senses all too aware of the naked body next to him. He shouldn’t have gotten into the bed with her, well what’s more regret on the long list he’d created today? Thoughts of fucking her senseless crossed his mind, images of past encounters sent the blood pumping to his cock, not that it needed anymore. He’d been permanently hard since the bath. Something had changed between them; she’d always just been a vessel to him, a good vessel but still just someone to satisfy his needs. Someone to fuck till he was completely spent and then kick out, not that she’d ever wanted to stay or hinted at wanting more than she got from him. If anything she used him as much as he used her. Why did she come here tonight? She must have known that he could just have easily left her to die but he didn’t, why didn’t he?

White hot sensation flooded through him causing his breath to hitch. Scarlet had rolled onto him; her leg draped over his hip, his cock unashamedly trying to gain access. He daren’t move. This wouldn’t be fucking for a purpose; it would be more than that. More than what he wanted and more than what he wanted to give so why the hell was he pulling her closer? Why was his hand wandering down her side and why were his fingers digging into her skin like he needed to feel every inch of her? She moaned into his neck, her warm breath causing his cock to twitch. He made the conscious decision to stop thinking, rationalising that this was what his body wanted and had nothing to with feelings. If he didn’t think then he couldn’t be held accountable. His body took over, his grip tightened and he rolled them over, her lips found his instinctively as she breathed him in, moaning into him. God he needed this, her nipples hardened against him as she arched into him. Her skin felt like burning hot silk beneath him, he couldn’t hold on any longer. He wrapped her thighs around him as he buried himself deep inside her. His lips found hers, demanding but soft. His hands stroked her hair and skin as he thrust harder. Beads of sweat forming from the frustration of holding back. Her eyes opened as her skin flushed and her walls clamped around him. He stared deep into her eyes as he exploded inside her, harder than he ever thought possible.

He should have been spent but he needed more. His cock stayed hard as his body shook, Scarlet expected him to recoil any minute. She stared into his liquid chocolate eyes and waited for the hardness to return, the hate to consume his body and for the punishment fuck awaiting her. For a long moment he just drank her in, his eyes holding steady as his breathing calmed and then he kissed her, his tongue tasting every inch of hers as he pressed deeper inside her. His hands holding her so tight as if he thought she’d try to escape. Part of her wanted to, hell part of her wanted to runaway and never look back but her body betrayed her as her lips moaned his name and her hips ground down on him. His fingers trembled as he brushed some hair from her face,

“Say it again.” his voice raw with emotion, she looked at him inquisitively until he thrust harder and faster,

“Mac.” She cried out in ecstasy. His lips clamped down on hers as she came undone around him all but finishing him. But he didn’t want it to end; he didn’t want the moment to be over just yet. He slowed his pace and let his hands explore her body, her hard nipples welcomed him with a gasp; her body pressed itself closer into him. His fingers lightly traced the dressing covering the wound that brought her here tonight, she flinched causing his heart to constrict in anger at the person who did this to her. Her hand reached for his face and turned it towards her,

“Don’t.” She whispered stroking his cheek; he dipped his head and claimed her lips once more. The intensity built and Mac couldn’t fight it anymore. He held himself deep inside her as her walls milked him dry and he cried out her name. It took everything he had not to collapse on top of her; instead he rolled to the side slightly allowing the mattress to take his body weight.

Both stared at the ceiling trying to process, to think, to do anything other than enjoy the moment. It wasn’t a moment, it was temporary insanity and that was all. Both felt empty without the other wrapped around them, the cold sat heavy in the air. Scarlet wanted to run before he got to kick her out but her body wouldn’t move. The euphoria faded to pain and her body jerked as she grit her teeth to the ache consuming her body and heart. Mac wanted her to leave, actually no; he needed her to leave. Whatever the hell had just happened between them was bigger than anything he’d ever felt before and it scared the shit out of him. He turned with every intention of sending her on her way until he saw a tear slide down her cheek, her face pale and filled with pain.

“I hurt you.” His voice barely a whisper, the irony was not lost on him. Many a time he’d caused her pain whilst fucking, it got them off. The more it hurt the harder she came.

“No, it wasn’t you.” a strangled sob escaped her lips. Looking at her drenched in moonlight brought back the startling realisation of how bad her injuries were. Ugly bruises covered her delicate skin. Rope burns hugged her wrists. Mac turned her onto her side gently and took in the long gashes down her back from a whip. How had he not noticed them before? Or had he simply not cared? She’d been punished and he’d seen this work before. His stomach turned as she trembled next to him. He pressed his body against hers and reached for the pills, he couldn’t help but press a kiss onto her hair as he pulled back. She willingly took the tablets and sunk in closer to him, shaking in his arms as he held her close and kissed away her tears. Mac closed his eyes and breathed her in. He should have kicked her out.

Sunlight streamed in through the curtains, casting a glowing light on the two naked bodies, curled up tightly together like they belonged with one another. But they didn’t, Mac woke first and looked down at the sleeping beauty in his arms. He raked a hand over his face and stared up at the ceiling.

“What time is it?” Scarlet stirred next to him, he glanced towards the clock and sighed.

“Six.” His voice deep and gravelly; causing her body to crave him. His arm was still wrapped around her and his fingers stroked her shoulder but the distance was there, hanging over them like a big ugly cloud.

“I should be going.” She pulled away and sat up, suppressing a groan of pain. She could feel Mac’s eyes burning a hole in her back. It hurt more than the whipping she’d received. She’d give anything to take back last night and have the balance back between them. Mac watched as Scarlet sat on the edge of the bed gripping the edge of the mattress, her head hung low and her breath hitched. He wanted to stop her, to pull her back into his arms and kiss away her pain, he chose to walk over to the closet and grab her some clothes to wear instead. Scarlet watched the naked body she desperately craved chuck some clothes on the bed and leave without even a second glance.

Mac pulled on some jeans then made his way to the kitchen. He leant his hands on the cold marble of the counter and looked down at the floor. Using all his strength to try and keep in control. What the hell was happening to him? This needed to stop before it even started, a little late now but if Mac could kill a man with his hands and not give it a second thought then he could get over this. Except he did think about it, he lost sleep for months; his nightmares twisted with visions of the life leaving his eyes. Feelings and emotions had no place in his life and neither did Scarlet. He kept his head down as he heard her leave his room and shuffle through the living room. Her walk slow and not at all her normal catlike movements, once or twice she’d even managed to sneak up on him but not now. Now he could hear the pain in every step. His eyes lifted to see her gripping anything to help keep her moving. His fingers pressed harder into the counter as the front door opened. Scarlet wanted him to come after her, to fight for something for once in his strictly controlled life. To let go of his damn reservations instead of using her to fuck away his anger and frustration with the life he fell into.

The door shut before Mac finally raised his head. Fuck. Three strides and he was at the door flinging it open in time to catch Scarlet as she slid down the wall

“You’re not going anywhere.” He scooped her up in his arms and took her back inside, “Don’t read more into this then what it is.” He warned as he placed her onto the sofa. She looked up at him,

“What is it?” her eyes stared up at his and it took all his power to not shove his cock in her mouth to stop her asking questions he didn’t want to answer.

“A friend looking after a friend.” He stepped behind the sofa and headed for the bedroom,

“We’re not friends.” He heard her mumble.

“We’re something.” He said to himself then shut the bedroom door behind him. Shutting out the thoughts of her as he stripped the bed that suffocated him with her scent. He really did need to burn the sheets now. She left her mark on everything she touched, fuck; he’d need to move.


The phone rang whilst Mac sat leaning against the wall watching Scarlet in the bath. It wasn’t an intimate gesture, it was to help her in and out; at least that’s what he told himself as his eyes drank in the beauty before him.

“Yeah?” he stared up at the ceiling as he answered.

“Hey boss, I know this is none of my business and please don’t shoot me for asking this but-” Eddie was nervous. Mac rolled his eyes, his patience waning as he desperately wanted to join Scarlet in the bath and make love to her till the world disappeared, make love to her; where the hell did that thought come from? He couldn’t think of anything worse than loving the woman before him.

“But what Eddie?”

“Is Scarlet with you?” Mac’s eyes flicked down to her at the mention of her name, “It’s just; it’s cool if she is, I have no business there but you need to know that Jack’s put a hit out on her. Well not so much a hit, more of a bounty. Mac, I don’t know what she did to piss him off but he’s angry. I like the girl and if she stays with you than cool but you need to watch your back or speak to Jack. Maybe reason with him? Like if he knew you two were involved, maybe he’d leave her alone.” Eddie kept talking as Mac hung up.

Scarlet watched as Mac’s face turned cold. It wasn’t particularly friendly before but now it was downright frightening. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking but knew the call had been about her. She refused to flinch as he launched himself across the room and pinned her to the bath by her throat,

“Why did you come here?” he snarled, she’d played him. She knew Jack couldn’t get her here, he couldn’t believe he almost thought he loved the evil manipulative bitch. His grip tightened as she refused to answer, “Tell me why you came here? And don’t even think about lying.” Anger pulsed through every cell in his body. His eyes showed intense rage and pain. Scarlet had never seen him so angry and she couldn’t blame him, she knew exactly what he was thinking and it was probably for the best. He could deal with his hate for her a hell of a lot better than his love. Mac released his grip as she clawed at his arms but didn’t remove his hand. His fingers twitching with the threat of killing her.

“I had nowhere else to go.”

“Bullshit. You came here because you knew he couldn’t touch you while you were under my roof. You came here to play me against Jack. Do you really think you’ll win? You think I won’t just turn you over to him, I mean who the fuck are you to me? You’re just a dirty fucking whore, you’re the lowest of the low and you deserve what he did to you.” His words filled with venom and stabbed her heart like a knife.

“If I’m the lowest of the low, then what hell does that make you?” she stood up and shoved him as he stood too,

“I’d kill you myself if I didn’t think Jack would enjoy it more.” Mac regretted his words as soon as he saw the pain reach her eyes.

“Then fucking do it. Kill me. I’d rather stare into the eyes of a man that made love to me while I die than his.” She held her arms out and closed her eyes praying he’d just finish her.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment. Mac watched her give up on life, on him and cursed himself.

“Why did you come here?” he asked again, his voice calmer this time. She opened her eyes and looked at him, conflict showed on her face.

“Because I hoped you wouldn’t turn me away. Because I prayed the glimpses of love I saw pass through your eyes as we fucked were enough to make you take me in and help me. Because I was an idiot and thought that maybe, just maybe you weren’t the cold hearted killer everyone makes you out to be. And most of all, it was your face I wanted to be that last thing I saw if I died.” She wanted to stop talking; she’d already said too much that she couldn’t take back. His eyes flecked with emotion but anger still ate away at his features.

“You thought wrong.” He spoke through gritted teeth, his voice filled with a deep sense of hate. His fingers dug into his palms as he fought the urge to punch something, anything but accept the feeling of his betrayal. One last cold stare and Scarlet helplessly watched him storm out of the bathroom slamming the door behind him. She wanted to follow but her feet wouldn’t move and by the time they did she could hear loud music from what she could only imagine was his gym. It was too late and he wasn’t coming back for her. That was all she needed to know. Clearly whatever he felt for her wasn’t enough to fight for or give in to. He didn’t love her.

Thoughts twisted and turned in Mac’s head as he showered away the sweat from his workout. His knuckles bruised from taking everything he had out on the punch bag. What was he afraid of? Why couldn’t he promise he’d protect her? Why couldn’t he tell her she’d made the right choice? Why was he even thinking about all this? He didn’t love her, he didn’t want her and he sure as hell wasn’t going to protect her. He shut off the shower and dried off. His head felt clearer when she wasn’t around to fog it up. He’d simply gotten carried away with the moment and that was all. Nothing more, nothing less. He pulled on his jeans and walked towards the bedroom to find a clean t-shirt. She wasn’t there; he stood for a moment then looked towards the bathroom door he’d pretty much slammed in her face. A little guilt gnawed at his stomach as he realised she probably couldn’t climb out of the bath without help and he’d left her to sit in a bath of cold water for a few hours. Hell maybe it’d cool her off a little. There was no way she couldn’t have gotten the message. He opened the door and stared at the bath void of a body then looked down at the cold hard floor. He dropped to his knees and reached for Scarlet’s shaking broken body crumpled in a heap. She pushed his hands away with as much force she could manage,

“No, don’t touch me.” She snarled and covered her face with her arms to hide her tears. Mac stayed still as his heart broke at the sight before him. He did this, it was his fault. He thought that if he walked away then he could avoid ever watching her leave, he could escape the torture of watching someone he cared about suffer because he’d let them down; because he couldn’t be the man they needed him to be and he couldn’t protect them from the world.

“Please, Scarlet. Let me help you.” He barely recognised his own voice, filled with an emotion he’d locked away long ago.

Scarlet didn’t push him away as he pulled her onto his lap and held her close but she flinched and it was enough to penetrate his hardened soul. He pressed a kiss into her hair as he wrapped a towel around her fragile body and tried to warm her up.

“I can’t be what you need me to be. I can’t do what you need me to and I can’t give you what you deserve.” He rested his head against hers as he breathed in her scent.

“I know. It was unfair of me to come here and drag you into my mess. I’ll be gone as soon as I can move.” She wasn’t angry or bitter with him for not loving her, why would he pay for the goods when he got them for free? And why would he want a relationship with a woman so opposite to his strictly controlled, unemotional world?

“Will you be ok?” His fingers brushed her cheek as she nuzzled into him, her lips brushing his neck, his jaw then resting ever so softly on his lips, asking for permission to kiss him. His fingers entwined with her hair as he pressed his lips against hers and opened his mouth to dance with hers.

Her body lifted to straddle his hips as he pulled down his jeans. His lips never leaving hers. One hand reached between her legs, two fingers running down her slick folds whilst his thumb gently rubbed circles over her clit, she gasped into his mouth as his fingers slid deep inside her. Holding them still for a moment as if to tease her, his lips curved into a smile as she unashamedly ground down on them, silently begging him to give her all he had.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” He sucked her earlobe gently as he ever so slightly flexed his fingers inside of her.

“Make me cum.” She murmured against him.

“Say it louder.” He reached into the draw under the sink and pulled out a condom whilst he waited for her to plead, to beg him to undo her. Her lips pressed hard against his temple as she tried to find relief herself.


“Please what?” he smiled and rubbed her clit briefly,

“Make me fucking cum.” Her words a loud moan as his fingers curled against her g-spot and pumped hard into her. Her juices covered his waiting cock as she begged him to stop, begged him to fuck her whilst waves tore through her as he continued to make her squirt.

There was an inane amount of primal pleasure from making a woman loose complete control and let herself go. Her fingers pushed, pulled and clawed at his skin as she shook violently in his arms. He couldn’t take anymore; he needed to be inside her before she passed out from the pleasure. He slid his fingers out gently as her body relaxed against him. Her head rested lifelessly on his shoulder as she tried to put herself back together. He rolled the condom down his dripping cock then placed it at her entrance; his eyes captivated by the sight of her swallowing him as she slowly lowered herself down. A guttural moan escaped him as he shoved his hips up hard to meet hers. Unrelenting in its assault of her pussy, his cock throbbed painfully as his balls tightened.

“Fuck.” He groaned as he tried to hold on but he couldn’t. His fingers gripped her hips as he thrust harder, out of control and urgent. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back before sinking his teeth into her neck and stifling the intensity of his groans. He couldn’t move, held deep inside her as she suddenly let out a silent scream and clenched around him. His body shook beneath her grinding hips as he tried to gasp for air, searching for reality as her body took him higher. She collapsed into him as they fell back to earth. His kissed her neck softly to ease to sting of the bite she barely felt through the ecstasy.

“We can’t keep doing this.” She whispered against his neck, “You’re ruining me for all other men.” He felt her smile against him and couldn’t help but laugh. He could barely string a sentence together after that performance; he might be ruining her but that moment completely broke him.

Morning came with the harsh realisation that she’d gone. Mac woke expecting her warm body pressed against his but found the bed empty and cold. He didn’t need to get up to find her, he knew she wasn’t there. His heart felt heavy in his chest as he pulled her pillow to his face, breathing in the scent she had left behind and hugging it close to his body. It was for the best and he’d get over her, eventually. Closing his eyes he welcomed thoughts of her as he touched the empty side of bed. He clung on as the last remaining images of her suffocated him. Her mark burnt into everything she’d touched, fuck; he couldn’t move.

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