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A story of a girl and her twin brother who discover their not just normal kids.
People say that dreams can come true, only nightmares are dreams too. So technically you’re telling small children their dreams can come true including their worst fears, and nightmares. That’s sounds slightly sick and twisted. I’d much rather just say things are never as they seem, because in most cases they aren’t. There are people who see the things most can’t, things that shouldn’t be there, at least to the regular eye. They’re the people who find it easy to face their nightmares because they see others, and are able to dream with ease because they see yours. In old stories they were called dawn seekers, and so they are called today. Many don’t realize their gift, most try to ignore it until it drives them insane. But there are those few who embrace their destinies, embracing a gift hidden to all but few.

This is the story of a girl with a gift even greater than being able to see dreams. Just don’t turn back for that is not the direction you are going.

Chapter 1: Dreams of a small town.

“Mom!”I yell.”I’m going to the field!”
“Bring Benny.”She yells from the kitchen.
“But...”I start to complain.
“Don’t argue bring him.”She snaps shooting me a stern look. For my mother she may be the scariest being in this world. My little brother Benny crashes into the room his black hair messy and his shirt is charred on the edges.
“What did you do this time?”I ask staring down at the little psychopath whom will probably rule the universe by ten. I don’t like taking him anywhere, Benny was only seven when he could create a catastrophic explosion to blow up most of the east coast.
“Sorry, that’s classified.”He says smiling like the little devil he is. I rolled my eyes and walked outside him close behind.

I am used to moving, I am used to people wondering why my name is Dawn Rider, and the question of my twin being Ash Rider. No one really knows his real name, after all if I were him I’d go by my middle name as well. Ash’s real name is Twilight, not after the atrocious book. Ash and I are nothing alike, he’s extremely social, he’s friends with everyone in school already and it hasn’t even started yet!

What makes us similar is our multicolored eyes and our birthday that’s basically it. Ash has pitch black hair, while mine is strawberry blonde. Most people can’t even tell were twins until we tell them. I don’t blame them we look, act, and are just extremely different. Benny on the other hand takes after our mom, he’s got dusty brown hair and big green eyes. Ash is exactly one minute older than me, than the power went out in the hospital. The reason for our names is because not our hair colors, but that he was born in light while I was born in dark, so they reversed it. Or that’s the story every family member has told us.

“Dawn, Dawn!”Yells Benny pulling on my shirt.”Look!”

I come back to reality and see Ash kicking a soccer ball at another kid with full force. The kid jumps up and the ball slams into his stomach sending him flying to the ground.
“God, Ash how can you be that powerful?”Groans the boy gasping for air. He looks up at me, he has black hair and...and he has...multi colored eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another person aside from my brother with several different colors in their eyes.
“Kolin, this is Dawn my sister and Benny my little brother.”Says Ash patting Kolin on the back.
“Please, do NOT do that again. If you don’t make the team we’re all screwed.”Says Kolin standing up straight.”Hi.”He holds out his hand and smiles.
“Hi.”I say shaking his hand.
“Wanna play?”Kolin asks smiling.
“No!”Snaps Benny pouting up at me.
“Ash, I’m leaving you with Benny.”I say.
“What?”Says Ash annoyed.”Ugh! Fine!”
“Thanks.”I say walking away down the street. I walk down the street zoning out, just looking at the bleak houses. All in neat little rows and the same materials made by the same people. It’s depressing. A field stands before me its tall grass blowing and swirling in the winds of Pennsylvania. The place I’ll be staying till I graduate high school. Just six years to go. I don’t want to be in a new school or new town, and I certainly don’t want to have to start seventh grade being known as the ‘new’ girl in town. Everyone here is so innocent, smiling and going to church each and every Sunday. Volunteering for fundraisers and looming over your perfect children. Barely any kid is allowed outside and personally I think these parents are hiding something from their pasts. I jump over the wood fence keeping me out and down the dirt path winding through the field. Cold wind hits my face and I turn to face a gigantic hill stretching up into the forest, a creek falls down the hill down water worn rocks. The wind starts to push me up the grassy hill and I follow it up to the center where a single apple tree grows. I’ve heard people talking about the forest and the mysterious tree standing on the old hill. Everyone is so hushed up about it no one really knows why it is so feared. I walk up to the tree and feel the bark it’s smooth and no one has carved into it.

I sit down staring out to the small town ahead mountains carve the horizon the sun peeking out over the scarlet sky.
“It’s pretty isn’t it?”Asks a girls voice. I turn my head to see a girl with long brown hair in a dress that looks as if it belongs in the times of the revolution. She turns to me smiling.
“Who are you?”I ask, almost sure she wasn’t there a moment ago.
“I’m Julia.”She says. Then I notice she’s nearly see through!
“Do you live around here?”
“You can say that.”She says her voice fading.”I only am able to live in the world of the stars.”She disappears into the air, and I’m pretty sure I’ve gone insane.

I stand up and run up to the edge of the forest, a yellow sign saying NO trespassing at anytime. Well rules are meant to be broken anyway. I sprint down the deer trail ignoring everything around me. The forest grows dark as I run the sun setting and everything turning to dark shapes. I can see perfectly fine my eyes adjust to the dark, I’m not sure why but the night makes me want continue into the forest. Wood snaps and I stop looking for the source of the noise. I wonder if it’s that girl again, maybe I’m more insane than I thought.
It sounds like someone is walking towards me. I look around and pull myself up the nearest pine tree. The foot steps grow closer and I try to stay completely silent. My heart pounds and I want to scream.
“I thought you saw her around here?”Growls a voice."Find her, you rats!"

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