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Reve is crazy. When he falls asleep he wakes up in a different world. Or is he not crazy?

A tickle. That was all it took. A soft brush running down the back of my neck, and I bolted. After months of being on the run, of living in Skille period. Well, you learn to trust you're instincts. I knew the truth. I would forever be hunted by the King of Death.

An all too familiar pattern followed my leaps. Just a stroke away from freedom. A goal set in my mind. Just a leap and I'd have my arms wrapped around Maple's waist. Just one more pass and my baby brother would be alive. I'd feel his soft breaths on my neck. It was routine to believe this.

I dared to look back at my pursuer. Elect, with his mud brown hair, a bit curly. Uneven, really. Sweat beading across his forehead. It dropped down the side of his face like tears. Freckles danced across his cheekbones. They were randomly splattered, the type of unpleasant freckles nobody wants. Eyes dark, a bit cynical. What I couldn't stand is how he twisted my lips. They were a peach color, which didn't really match his-mine-our Italian skin tone. His lips were in a conceited half-smirk, as if he was too good to pull the rest of his lip up. My body wasn't worth the effort to maintain.

I pumped my legs harder. It was such a clich the way my feet lugged. It was as if friction had overdosed causing everything to slow. As for the Elect, friction seemed to lesson, as he practically slid towards me. My heart wheezed. I subconsciously decided to take my last resort. I had refused to even think about her. She was there--always--despite my spite towards her. A laugh entered my thoughts, the faintest tinkling of bells. Why you gotta be such an imp?

In my desire, my vision turned white. My organs became a machine, one that I could only operate. My limbs became numb. As did my feelings, and my thoughts about life, or the lack I had of one. Time slowed, and without time the Elect became nothing to me. A relieved smiled washed over me as I dove off the cliff side and into the safety of Mermaid Lagoon's blood red waters.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1992897