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A free verse.
She held herself tightly to her bosom with ardent passion.
Tears trickling down her pretty face, make a living corpse.
Hope buried in the macabre grave of animate beings,
To portend a doom that is invincible and grisly.

She now remains a cadaver of her past sweet memories.
Long lost in the sea waves lashing upon the shore, and spreading
Sand-particles and pebbles with an unbridled frenzy of rage;
Sweeping off the once foamy , gentle ripples in abyss.

His mighty hands grabbed her so tightly that she tried hard to
Wrench from the writhing pain and deepest agony: entwining
Her to a pall of dismal despondence, enshrouding her;
With a bouquet of innumerable black roses smiling.

Black roses wave at her and welcomes her with open hands.
They entice her to a kingdom full of darkness, a sheet
Of utter blackness; a canopy of sheer despair that
Happiness is afraid to enter or amble in front.

Her body limps from the incurable disease that sucks
Her life-blood and guzzles her life-drink ,thus enfeebling her.
She makes a last attempt to ‘ live once again’ as He strides with
A fast pace toward her, ushering her to that cradle.

A heavy sigh she heaves as her head drops and her body
Slouches in an imbalanced way: as she waddles with small,
Light steps to that ultimate , deadly , final destination.
She pauses for a while but has nothing to turn back on.

32 lines
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