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Heaven gives me a mind grain
      "I am a good person. I have always helped others and reacted strongly against
      injustice.. Why is this happening to me ?" Trina thought hard of a way to transform
      herself back into a woman from a cat. She had studied druid magic and wiccan ,
      but this was the work of an elemental spirit ; a fiery. Jed had named her Raven,
      because of her black fur. The fiery had directed Trina to him.

      "Jesus, Whitney. How can I help?" Jeb was on his android .. His girl friend
      Whitney had given birth to a squid like creature. She was hysterical.
      "Why did you have relations with a Martian? They're not human.
      Our families have maintained a line of racial purity for over a thousand years.
      How can I help you?" Jeb opened a beer and took a swig.

      "I'll ask for an euthanasia. It is allowed in extreme cases like this."
      Whitney was a congresswoman and a lawyer.
      "God damn it! Whitney your a Christian and you will not murder your child.'
      Jeb shouted over the phone. Jeb ran his left hand over his forehead.
      "Alright... Listen. We've been preordained to marry, since our parents bred us.
      This was never part of their plan. Does anyone other than the Martian know?"
      Jeb was calculating the potential political damage.

      "Oh just the Martian and his daughter and my doctor and the hospital staff..
      and my butler." Whitney sobbed.  "Damn it!" Jeb cursed, "Did you call the press?"
      "They probably know by now. I'll never get out this hole." Whitney's voice trailed off.
      Jeb let out a long sigh ~ "The Lord gives us zeal for our faith
                                            and strength for our kingdom."
      "Amen." Whitney answered. Jeb could hear Doctor Shafer in the background.
      He was ordering the child be tranquilized ... Jeb hung up.

      to be continued... .. ....
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1993132