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Luke 19:27

  And Jesus said,  "Mine enemies, which will not accept my reign over them,
                              bring them out and slay them before me."(Luke 19:27)

  Islam is not an exceptionally dangerous religion, because it advocates the eradication
  of its opponents. It is dangerous, because some Islamist are actively eradicating
  their opponents. Islam is a continuation of Jewish Talmud law and Christian crusade.

  When a person sets their ideology beyond reason, they become dangerous.
  But, is that God's will?

  Why does God allow evil and so many competing religions?

  If I see a blind man walking into traffic, should I stop him or let God protect him?
  "Feel free, but know that God can intervene and wills good from evil."
  Saint Augustine wrote in The City of God.

  "Let he, who has the greater power have the greater sin." Jesus answered Pilot.

  I don't have the answer.

  Do you?



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