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I had a conversation with my dog and this is what she had to say ...
Speak, Lily, Speak!

I'm not sure why we love them so.
They're members of our families.
We take them everywhere we go.
We overlook their hair and fleas.

I sat my dog down, just today
to see if she could shed some light
and this is what she had to say.
She always tries to be polite.

"We're not that different from you
except we choose to never lie.
When we commit, we're always true.
We stay that way until we die.

We never over complicate
the world; we take it as it comes.
We're happy just to sit and wait
for yummy treats. (We don't have thumbs.)

But, since you want to have this talk
there are a few things you should know.
You need to take us for a walk;
it limits times you'll say 'Oh, no!"

Sometimes I bark. Don't get upset.
My senses are keener than yours.
I'm your guard, not just your pet.
I'll keep those squirrels and cats outdoors.

And all those cords you leave around
like they were placed as doggie traps!
They're worth a chew when they are found,
though I prefer your table scraps.

And please, I beg, don't dress us in
those doggie clothes with matching shoes.
We're happier in our own skin
besides, those styles we'd never choose.

And, when you see us lick "down there?"
Enough! โ€“ The jokes have all been said.
It's just our nature, so why care?
We don't make fun of you ... in bed."

With that, she laid down on the floor
and closed her eyes and went to sleep.
I couldn't ask her any more.
My questions would just have to keep.

Amazed at all she'd let me see,
I thanked her for her many years.
She mumbled a response to me:
"You could have scratched my chin and ears."

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An entry for "The PET NEWS CONTEST
Prompt: Interview one of your pets and write FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF ANY PET in The Pet Shoppe/Barn/Place/Home of your hometown.
Line Limit: 50
Line Count: 44

Lily is a 14 year old Scottish Deerhound and my best friend.

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