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Hackers? Aliens? The real enemy is closer than you think. A Daily Flash Fiction Winner
Even Paranoids Have Enemies

Ken sat at his computer mesmerized by the blinking cursor. How could I have gotten the prompt wrong yesterday? He was positive that he had checked the Daily Flash Fiction posting several times. Somebody must have hacked the site and changed what I wrote!

A small chill ran down his spine. He looked around the room. "Aliens. They're playing tricks on my mind. That has to be it! Well, that's not going to happen again." He picked up the tinfoil and made a crude hat, settling it on his head. "This'll show them."

Lily lifted her gray muzzle up at the crinkling sound. Ken turned to her. "They're setting us up; it's a plot to use our brain power to take over the world."

She listened to his ramblings. Doesn't he know the real enemy is squirrels? Humans!, she snorted. When no treats appeared, she flopped back down and returned to her dreams of chasing squirrels.

Ken carefully copied and pasted the day's prompt onto the blank page and began typing. Whether aliens or hackers, he would not be denied today.

Finally finished, he sat back and reread each word. No misspelling, reads right, word count at 300. Yep, this should do it. He hit the save key ... and the page went blank.

"no, No, NO!" Ken's wails could be heard throughout the house, obscuring the giggling sounds coming from under the bed.

The Dust Bunny chuckled, turning from the device he had cobbled together from misplaced thumb drives, missing earrings, and out of date cell phones. "Humans aren't the only ones who know how to use technology," he laughed.

The Sock Monster clapped him approvingly on the shoulder, sending dust motes into the air. "You're an evil genius, DB. So, what do we have planned for tomorrow?"

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An entry for the 5/29/14 round of "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge [13+]
Prompt: Write a story that includes the line: "They're setting us up"
Word Limit: 300
Word Count: 300

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