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A poem for a contest.
I cannot forgive you for your mistakes.
You have committed them again and again.
I know you have the right resourcefulness.
Why don't you just give it a hard battle ?
You will see that everything will be fine.
Don't vacillate or delay, you must act.

I know you are in a stressed position.
But you must try to learn from your mistakes.
For you this stress is not desirable.
You must try to overcome and attempt.
Give it a honest , zealous and hard try.
Things will spontaneously become good.

Don't think that others are better than you.
Shun this sheer pessimistic attitude.
Nothing in this world is impossible.
Everyone at some point of life does wrong.
But resilient human beings survive.
Think positive, then only you can calm.

In this life things always don't go correct.
In times of strife you must learn to resume.
Don't give up, success will pursue again.
Positive thinking will keep you going.
Only wise men learn from their past mistakes.
The essence is that they honestly try.

There is no option to this, you must try
You will find that this is the best method.
But don't get bogged down by paltry mistakes.
Then things will never turn good and outdo.
You must listen carefully to my words.
Otherwise failure will prevail over.

I have a belief that you will succeed .
I know, you are going to try with zeal.
You are pondering over my words now.
Those days are not far, when things will go right.
You will then spontaneously feel good.
I know, in future you will not repeat.

If you don't act now you will commit wrong
Again in future like unlearned lessons.
Only fools repeat their mistakes again.
Life is strain and storm, you must persevere.

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