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Is God a Martian?
      The congresswoman looked down at her new born squid child.
      It's eye was focused on her as its tentacles searched for a way out of
      its bubble crib. Could she love this squid? She convulsed at the memory
      of dining on calamari .. What kind of life could a squid child have?
      "Whitney. Take a moment with me." Doctor Shafer guided her gently away.
      "It slid out of me so quickly. It was painless." Whitney sipped a cafĂ© mocha .
      "We can euthanize it. The central eugenics office has approved it." Shafer had
      a broad smile. Whitney was in shock~
                                                                "Strip me of all things, but not my faith."

      Doctor Shafer took her pulse. "Your pulse is very weak. You need to rest."
      "I am a Christian. I will not destroy the child God has given me." Her words
      were hard and mechanical. "It as tentacles and no skeleton." The doctor
      held her hands as he spoke to her, looking directly into her eyes.
      She did not waver, "I am aware. I am also mindful of the right to life."

      Jeb was in a reflective mood. He stood beside his intended and stared at the
      squirming squid child. "Lord, give those who rule and govern a spirit of wisdom
      and justice." Jeb spoke this prayer over his finance's squid child.
      The two kissed and clung to each other. Doctor Shafer rubbed his bald head
      in frustration; "It will be a vegetable .. We don't know if it will continue to mutate."
      Trina leapt up onto the bubble and pawed at the tentacles slapping under the
      plexiglass . Jeb had brought his cat to comfort his finance.

      "Get that cat off!" Whitney commanded . An orderly picked the cat up and carried
      it the waiting room. Trina had tried every incantation she could summon to break
      the spell that kept her in the form of a cat. She clawed at the orderly as he locked
      her in her carry on. "So many wars have been fought to keep this world safe.
      Billions have died, so that we can live in peace .. If this is your wish. I will support
      you and your child." Jeb pledged to Whitney as she suckled her squid child.
      "I will call her Tatiana .. She is a creature of the sea." Whitney said, while her
      child's tentacles caressed her white breasts.

      Reflections: If life is energy, then what in the universe is not alive?

      to be continued...

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